Friday, March 27, 2009

Mourning Bob Lyman

A long-time acquaintance died this past Wednesday, after a long illness. My husband and I will attend his visitation this afternoon. Bob Lyman was a fine person, a person I'm proud to have known. His face expressed his honesty, his compassion and his appreciation of life. He cared about people.

A boyish face and easy smile come to my mind when I remember Bob. He was quiet, maybe even somewhat shy, and his sense of innocence, trust and wonder were evident in his big blue eyes and open face.

I remember his freckles and how easily he blushed when attention was turned to him. It's been years since I've been with Bob but my memory of him hasn't faded. A person like Bob is rare and won't be forgotten.

I let you go, Bob, with these words. Rest peacefully now that your earthly journey is complete. Your loved ones will miss you but their memory of you will be a comfort to them throughout the remainder of their lives.

Good bye, Bob.

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