Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Come Along With Me for a 3.1 Mile Run

A big blue sky with intermittent clouds coaxed me outside for my 3.1 mile run this afternoon. The temperature was 53 degrees which is fine for running. The wind was blowing but it wasn't a cold wind so it didn't force me indoors.

My running gear for my initial outdoor run of the year included: a sports bra, a long-sleeved shirt, a lightweight wind breaker, shorts, running shoes and socks, my Road ID bracelet, cotton in my ears, a baseball cap (with a Trek logo of course), sunglasses and my stopwatch.

I've got to tell you about my ID. My Road ID is a durable fabric bracelet which wraps around my wrist and fastens with velcro. A small metal plate on the bracelet is stamped with my name, address, blood type, my husband's and my son's phone numbers, my doctor's and hospital's name, and my insurance name and identification number. It gives me peace of mind when I'm out on the road, whether I'm running or biking. You can read about them and order one at http://www.roadid.com/. I have 3 bracelets, red, yellow and blue. The metal plate easily transfers from one bracelet to another.

Another interesting thing about my running gear is the shoe laces on my Asics running shoes. They're called Lock Laces. I replaced the original laces with Lock Laces in order to cut down the transition time during the triathlon I competed in last summer. The laces are made of a durable elastic cording. Once the shoe is laced up, you slide both ends of the lace through a plastic locking device. After determining how tight you want the laces to be, you tie a knot in each end of the cord to hold the locking device in place. From that point on, you no longer have to tie and untie your shoes. Your shoes will slide on and off very easily as the elastic cord stretches. In a triathlon, it's very easy to transition from my bike shoes to my running shoes because of this innovation. See the laces on http://www.locklaces.com./

The route I ran today was flat except for a few very insignificant inclines and declines. I mention them because when I'm running, I'm acutely aware of inclines, no matter how slight they may be. My legs send me an instant message which I get with all it's urgency but I ignore. I have to be tough or I can't be a runner. There's no getting around that.

The sky filled with clouds shortly after I started running. I warm up quickly when I'm running so the slight drop in air temperature didn't bother me. I'm thankful that the sun was shining when I started or I may have taken my running to the indoor track at the Y. That's going to be hard to do now that I've had a taste of fresh air and the ever-changing scenery.

To be honest, I was ready to quit about halfway through my run, but of course I kept on going. Once I set a goal, I complete it, regardless of how I feel. I guess that's what makes it possible for me to push myself to swim, bike and run competitively. Fortunately, I've had enough experience over the years, that I know the proper way to train. I gradually increase my workload so my body and mind can adapt. If I want to increase my running distance, by say half a mile, beyond what I've been doing, my mind coaches my body. It reminds my body that it has exerted this same amount of energy before and that adding a little more isn't that big of a deal. My body has no say in the matter. It grumbles and groans and whines and complains endlessly and I listen sympathetically, but I don't give in to its pleading.

After my run, I again went to my datebook. Today I entered: Ran outside. 3.2miles. Garden Village route. Time 33:55. 53 degrees, NE wind.

I'd like to say that after my shower, I was looking forward to my next run. I'm not. Nevertheless, I'll do it again. My motivation being: It feels SO good when I stop.


Gullible said...

Shaddy, this journal of your training is cool. Ands thanks for the links. I'm going to check into that road ID thing.

Sarah said...

Hello my little Roadrunner. This is a cool entry! I love the insight to what you're thinking about while you train. Thanks for the links too! And thanks for posting this Shaddy!

Anonymous said...

I admire your self discipline!

I'm still getting the "Your request could not be processed. Please try again" sign. I hope you've been getting my comments!

Anonymous said...