Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Me and My Laptop

I'm using my laptop computer for the very first time, on my lap. Until this evening, I was enjoying the fact that I could "compute" somewhere other than the extra bedroom where our desktop PC is located. I had setup camp on our pub table in the kitchen and had been content to use it there.

This evening, I downloaded a book sent to me via e-mail written by and sent to me by an author I met in If I was going to be reading the first couple of chapters, I decided it was time to take a comfortable seat in the living room.

Sitting in this easy chair with the laptop on my legs and my legs on an ottoman works great for both reading and other laptop functions. Lon's watching Jared play ball this evening so the TV isn't on next door in the family room. I'm easily distracted so I'll probably have to use the recliner in the bedroom for comfy laptop use when Lon's got the TV on.

That's the earth-shattering news update from Shaddy for today. I hope your day has been at least half as thrilling as mine.


Sarah said...

You're so cute Shaddy. I love watching this developing relationship with your new laptop. I'm so glad you have it now and that it's working out so well. I do not know how I ever got along without one. (Did I?) :)

Enjoy your evening and stay warm! Bright and sunny forecast for us cheeseheads tomorrow! YAY!


Walk said...

Your title for this entry could be the start of a great song. Sing it! "Me and my laptop, strolling down the avenue." Yeah!

Elizabeth Westmark said...

Once I started taking my laptop to bed with me, things got pretty hot, so I bought a laptop stand. The one I have is called a Dexia Stand (made by dexia design). It brings the laptop up to just the right height for typing, and helps me keep my cool.

Anonymous said...

Auntie Babe says thats the only way to go, on your lap. When you use your laptop curser thats what works best.

K.M. Weiland said...

Congratulations! You're officially a step up the techno ladder from me. I'm still plugging along on my sturdy desktop comp.

Rob said...

My day was precisely half as thrilling as this - its quite a roller coaster we ride each day, eh? :) Thanks for sharing even the simple things in your life with us!