Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our Retreat

My husband, Lon, has his own painting and decorating business and, fortunately for me, he enjoys using his skills on our home.

Lon has always dreamed of having a cabin on a lake, but eventually we came up with a better idea. We decided to transform our home into a cabin and to forfeit the part about the lake. If we made everything too perfect, we'd never leave home and we're still a bit too young to retire.

I've posted pictures taken of our living room. The mural, reprinted from Terry Redlin's "An Evening With Friends" painting, covers the north wall of our living room. Lon covered the other walls in the room with pine boards to complete the log home look.
We enjoy the coziness we've created with the wallcoverings and furnishings.
(The pub table where I sit when I'm writing on my laptop is in the background in one of the pictures.)


Sarah said...

Ohhhhhh, this is beeeeeautiful!!!! I want to fall into that couch so badly! It's wonderful Shaddy, you know how I love that cabin feel. :)

I love the biathlon picture to the left too!

Shaddy said...


I wanted to post a small photo that shows all of me instead of just a sliver. Instead that's how it showed up. I don't understand what I'm doing half of the time with computer technology but I manage to function at a novice level.

Oh well, I keep plugging away.

You can come over and take a nap on the couch anytime.

It's crazy. We never use this room, the family room is where the TV is! Go figure that one out and tell me your final answer.

Annie said...

I love the peacefulness of this space. And the nice thing about not living on a lake-no huge taxes!!!! Your hubby has a wonderful gift!

Walk said...

The chair with the ottoman looks like a perfect place to curl up with a book. The chair I read in is cold, hard and made of porcelain. I love the roll top desk also, I've always wanted a roll top desk.

Rob said...

That's beautiful! Kudos to you all on the decorating - it looks fantastic! And a roll-top desk too ... drool! ... I've been meaning to make one of those for years for my wife. Thanks for sharing this look into your home!

Anonymous said...

Auntie Babe thinks you better watch Lon, he may start excavating
a lake in back yard. Sure looks like a very comfy place.i do miss our cabin on the river.

K.M. Weiland said...

Wow, that's gorgeous. If you can't go to a mountain cabin, bring the mountain cabin to you!