Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I've Hit the Walls

While I do silly things, my husband does meaningful things like hanging wallpaper in our home. I've hit the wall as far as writing goes this evening, so I'm going to focus on walls, specifically those in our home. When it comes to making wallpaper choices, Lon and I work together. When it comes to doing the actual work, Lon is on his own. (My first grade teacher noted on my report card that I don't work well with others. I took her comment to heart and never even tried after that).
The top picture is taken in our kitchen.
The pine cone paper in the photo with the coat hooks is in the entry at the front door.
The reddish paper is on two walls in the family room and the textured paper (in the photo on the right) is on the other two walls.
The striped paper above the chair rail and the solid colored paper under the chair rail are on the walls in one half of the bedroom. The leaf pattern is on the other half of the bedroom.
The tree paper is in the bathroom.
I like it here in our home and appreciate all Lon does to make our house fun to live in.
Thanks for visiting. Y'all come back now, ya hear?


K.M. Weiland said...

Okay, I must say I got a complete kick out what your first-grade teacher told you - and your reaction. :P Love all the pix you post!

Anonymous said...

You and Lon have done a good job in your home. I didn't see a single thing I didn't like!

I laughed out loud at your 1st grade teacher's comment and your reaction. I hear ya, gal! High-five! (or is that considered working well with others?????) :D

Sarah said...

Oh I love the collage my dear! You know how much I love your house, and you've done more since I've been there! I LOVE it!

I'm a little more with the program today. It helps to have the sun shine doesn't it? What a nice start to summer. I hope your week is going well Shaddy!


Odd Mom Out said...

Love the pictures. Should hunt down that first grade teacher!

Rob said...

Shaddy you all have such a beautiful place - I really love the colors and the feel of it (well what one can get from photos anyway) - thanks again for sharing pics!