Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Guess What? I Had My Camera Out Again!

The initial four photos are the first impressions of Whispering Winds Resort after you pull off the road and wind down the driveway.

I took another walk on Monday with my camera for company. I've included some scenic shots for those of you who like them.

Lon's nephew, Allen, his wife, JoLynn and two children are staying at the White Eagle Resort not far from here. JoLynn's parents, her two brothers and their wives and children plus her sister and her husband and children rented cabins also at the White Eagle. I took Al's photo in our cabin beside a mounted northern pike when he stopped in to say hello.

Our first trip to Lake Vermilion was in 1988. A coworker of mine invited Lon, Jared and I to spend a week up here at her and her husband's cabin. We fell in love with the area and find ourselves back up here time and time again.


Sarah said...

Oh good, I'm glad you're doing well up there my dear. I love that you're taking so many pictures. They're making me miss Minnesota. Good thing we're leaving for it on Monday!


Beth W. said...

Beautiful photos -- makes me hungry to go hiking.