Tuesday, August 4, 2009

An Afternoon With Shaddy And This And That

After reading the blog posts of my favorite blogger friends this afternoon, I, of course, had the urge to add a new post to my own. Let me explain the hodgepodge of photos I presented here, in approximate order from top to bottom.

I caught Ron and Margaret, the Whispering Winds Resort owners, enjoying a few moments of relaxation at the water's edge last Friday evening. I don't remember ever seeing them together and off their feet before that occasion. I hope they were enjoying themselves as much as I enjoyed seeing them taking in the beautiful scenery that lies beside their resort.

Lon and I took a walk to the Moosebirds gift shop for an ice cream cone after dinner the last evening we spent in Minnesota at the lake. We fell in love with the blue heron (in the last photo) when we spotted him in the corner of the gift shop. We knew he'd be happy in our home with the outdoorsy decor we've created so we promptly adopted him (for a discounted fee; Lon loves to bargain with shopkeepers). Bluesy's made of metal so he'll hold up well inside or out.

To my right on the deck outside, sits a small barrel filled with marigolds. The comical carrot and pea pod faces among the flowers are constant reminders to me to eat my vegetables. Do you eat yours every day?

I took a walk this afternoon after I picked up a few bags of groceries at Woodman's. I carried my camera and snapped photos of objects I found interesting. Cool gas pump, huh? What do you think of all those white bulbous birdhouses?

During my walk, I passed Powers School (the brick building). I attended Powers from fourth through eighth grades. I could spend an entire day circling the building, recalling hundreds of memories of friends, teachers, dances, four-square games, and on and on and on. I have paused outside the windows many times over the years and most memories are still surprisingly vivid.

Carol Rathbun lived in the house I photographed. She always wore a smile that spread all the way across her face. I never laughed so hard as when we were together. Sitting beside her during a church service was a recipe for disaster. Oh, but she was fun.

I hope you've enjoyed meeting Ron, Margaret, their doggy and our adopted heron, Bluesy, and strolling with me on this fine (nearly 90 degree) day through my neighborhood.

Thanks for stopping in and y'all come back now, ya hear?



I truly enjoy reading your simple pleasures...recalling hundreds of memories of friends, teachers in your old school is such a lovely thing~ Continue to enjoy your week & so glad your arm is getting better each day dear!!!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely way to share the small things a day brings. I particularly enjoyed the carrot and the pea. No, I have not eaten my veggies today.

Shaddy said...

Lenore: I'm so glad you enjoyed sharing my day with me. You know how much it means to have readers!
Dark Sculptures: Oh well, there's always tomorrow or the day after tomorrow or next week or...

Sarah said...

What a nice group of pictures my dear. I love them. It's nice to come home and have a read of your latest post and just relax. Thank you so much for posting this lovely post.

Shaddy said...

Sarie: I'd love to here about your time in LaCrosse and Mankato. It didn't rain much I hope! I'm going to e-mail you a few more gas pump photos. Welcome home!