Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back From Buckeye Lake

Lon and I returned today from Buckeye Lake after having a terrific time since Thursday with my cousin, Lynnette, and her friend, Alice, at their lakeside home. I'm planning to share the fun we had in my next few posts.

Presently, since I'm still in a lazy, vacation mode, I'm keeping this evening's post short. I took the photos above from inside our moving truck on our eight-hour drive home today. Dozing and reading kept me occupied through Ohio and Indiana. I perked up eventually and grabbed my camera. Although the skies were threatening in Illinois, the rain we came through didn't pose a problem. The lovely windmills and farmlands were a pleasant sight along Highway 39 in Illinois.

Please return for more highlights of our great long weekend.


K.M. Weiland said...

Wow, *great* pix! I absolutely love clouds, and storm fronts are the best!

Lia said...

Those clouds are amazing.
I like the windmills as you call them,we call them wind farms over here. I think they have a beauty all of their own.
You get some rest and we will all look forward to your next posts.
Much love
Lia xx

darksculptures said...

Welcome back Shaddy. I'm happy to hear you had a good trip and have made it home safely. Great pictures I can't wait to see more and hear about your trip.

Gullible said...

Cool pix, Shaddy. Isn't it amazing how your photography perspective changes now that you have a blog?

My word to verify is ourebuses. Our rebuses. Cool, also.

Shaddy said...

Outlaw Lady: Dark clouds like those are definitely dramatic and impressive. I'm glad they pleased you.

Lia: I hope we begin using more windmills all over the country for energy production. My plan is to post photos and write of my fun weekend little by little throughout the week. I want to hang on to my relaxed vacation mode for as long as possible.

darksculptures: Thanks for the welcoming words. My husband drives so that assures we get where we're going safely. If I drove, I'd be a wreck without even hitting anything!!!

Gully: I used to take pictures to go along with my words. Now I'm writing words to describe the story my photos tell.

Who knew!!?? Whatever.