Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Peach Watermelon?

We bought a watermelon at a roadside stand on Sunday. I cut it and instead of a red color inside, it was a peach color, similar to the color of canteloupe.

I thought my eyes were going bad. I asked Lon if it looked strange to him and he agreed that he'd never seen watermelon that color.

I tasted it and the flavor was the same as "normal" watermelon. I didn't have too much trouble eating it but Lon couldn't get past the unusual color to really enjoy it. I noticed he threw a good portion of his slice away; he thought I wasn't watching. It's a good-sized melon so why not just close our eyes and pretend it's just plain old watermelon?

Have any of you heard of a new type of watermelon?

(I was out on my bike again today with my camera clicking away. I'm tired after my long ride so I'll post photos tomorrow. Yes, that's a warning. If you don't like pictures, you won't want to stop in again).


Walk said...

We've had yellow seedless before but I haven't seen peach. If it looks like watermelon and tastes like watermelon, it must be a watermelon. Enjoy it, a long winter is coming soon.

Shaddy said...

Walk: I'm with you, Walk. If Lon doesn't want to eat any more of it, I'll do the honors.