Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fred & Fuzzy's (Part 2)

Look at the beautiful clear bay water below!

*********Lon's Pebble Beach Burger and beer.

My excellent Three Cheese Grilled Sandwich and yummy Bloody Mary.

Don't wake me up from this gorgeous dream.

Am I still dreaming?

We returned to Fred & Fuzzy's to eat and enjoy the sunset from a bayside table. As the sun went down, the air turned quite cool and I was glad to have a fleece jacket to slip on.

I had a Three Cheese Deluxe Grilled Sandwich (swiss, provolone and cheddar cheese on Texas toast) with tomato and pesto, homemade fried potato chips, coleslaw and an excellent bloody Mary. Lon's Pebble Beach Burger (1/3 lb. grilled burger on a Kaiser roll), homemade potato chips and beer pleased him immensely and I was more than satisfied with my meal. Sitting at a table in the grass beside the water and the setting sun while we ate enhanced our evening. We'll definitely be back for a rerun next year.

The sunset photos, well, I'll let them speak for themselves.
If you want more of Door County, go to my previous posts.


Sarah said...

OMG. I don't even know what to say about these two posts darling Shaddy. I think you know how I feel, which is good, because my breath has been effectively taken away.

I'm in heaven....ahhhhhhhh.....why do we live down here again and not there? I forget...

Love you,

Rob said...

Ah now I wanna move PLUS now I'm hungry :P

Lia said...

looks like you have found a little piece of paradise there Shaddy.
Your good sharing it, I think I might have kept this little gem to myself, but then I'm a bit mean like that.

Places off the beaten track are often somuch better I think as you can get the real feel of the area.

Well done finding it, I bet you go back a few times, looks like it could become a firm favorite for you two.

Much love

Shaddy said...

Sarie: You've come through loud and clear as a fan of fun and easy living. I'll be posting photos taken at the Flying Pig, inside and out. I know you'll enjoy that too.

Rob: You want to move and you're hungry? Get up and get yourself something to eat! Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Lia: I'm sorry they won't be open in February, although sitting by the frozen water shivering wouldn't be fun!!

Lia said...

Forgot to say how lovely the parrot stained glass is.

Lia xx

Mary Anne Gruen said...

It sounds like a wonderful dinner in a beautiful spot! Thanks for all the great pictures! I love the menu story about Fred and Fuzzy!

Shaddy said...

Lia: It's very colorful, isn't it?

Mary: We'll probably eat there more than once next year. Why not, I say.

Anonymous said...

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