Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Siesta Key (Post #3)

**************Beer, wine and another game of Yahtzee. I finally won for a change!

We got lucky.
Our rental car is nearly brand-new. It had only 1400 miles on it went we picked it up.

That's Lon entering the restaurant where we ate on Sunday evening. I had a smoked salmon and baguette appetizer for my meal, Jared had a steak and Lon had pork chops. Everyone was happy with their meal. We've been here several times over the years and always love it.

The coffee cup is decorated with Ronald McDonald boots. My relatives who own this condo, were among the first McDonald restaurant owners.

We have parasailed in the past. The fear factor we experienced outweighed the views. We won't do it again.

Every year, we visit Siesta Key Village, just a mile or so from Siesta Dunes. Several restaurants and shops draw visiters to the area. Big Olaf's ice cream...we'll stop there at least once.

***************I like this bold statement, splashed on the side of this coffee shop.

*******************************The bright colored shops and restaurants are a common sight down here. We've scarfed down plenty of pizza at Napoli's, under the yellow awnings.

We don't see these Banyan trees anywhere in Wisconsin. They look like something from a horror movie and yet I appreciate their uniqueness.

****************************It's been pretty cool down here so I was "forced" to do some shopping. I purchased a blue hooded sweatshirt in this shop.

The guys had King Crab here at Captain Curt's while I enjoyed a bowl of their really, really good clam chowder. I was amazed at the amount of mainly clam and small pieces of potato in the serving I
wolfed down. I agree that it's the very best!

*********************************The condo we're staying at, Siesta Dunes, is on Crescent Beach. The sand on this beach is quartz. It's white and nearly as fine as flour. No matter how hot the sun is, quartz sand is always cool and soft on barefeet.

This photo was taken just outside the pool area.
Lon and Jared went in for a swim while I stayed warm and dry. I know, I know, I'm a party pooper.

This sidewalk leads to the pool, the gulf-side deck and the gulf waters.

On our way to Sharky's restaurant yesterday, we stopped here.
Tervis Tumblers are insulated to keep liquids hot or cold and they don't sweat. I bought a mug with a lid and a small tumbler also with a lid. I'll use the mug for coffee at work and the tumbler for coffee in the truck on my way to NorthPointe on Saturday and Sundays.
Jared got some tumblers with NBA and NFL emblems.

Alongside the parking lot at Sharkey's On the Pier in Venice, FL, egrets were wading in puddles formed by all the rain Florida has received lately.

This fellow was hanging out on the pier.

He seemed pretty ornery that the wind was messing up his hair. To tell you the truth, I was a bit annoyed by it as well.

************************************I took this photo from way our on the pier, facing the restaurant. Lon and Jared went back there to the pier today to do some fishing. They caught catfish and saw a fellow catch a small hammerhead shark.

*****************************Jared bought me a Bloody Mary and beer for himself and Lon at this quaint bar at Sharky's. He's 31 and they still check his ID wherever he orders drinks.

Eagerly and happily, I await my Bloody Mary.

We chose to dine inside. It looks warm in this picture but when the sun went down and with the wind blowing, we were happy to be seated under a real roof.

*******************Jared and I waiting to be seated for dinner.

This debonair character was hanging out next to our table. He eagerly awaits St. Patty's Day. While he watched, we enjoyed lobster tail dinners.
What can I say other than: WE'RE ON VACATION!

Thank you so much, my friends. Sharing the fun multiplies my excitement.


Anonymous said...

Shaddy, by all means do the parasailing again. I've done it off a frozen lake, pulled by a snowmachine. Gullible

Natasha said...

Looks like FUN!!! Glad you're having a good time!

Anonymous said...

Auntie can see you are all having a great time, your pictures are great.
You are all so nice and slim you can pig out on all that good food. It was 67 here yesterday and probably the same today, but guess what maybe snow on Saturday to welcome you home.DARN. The golf course opened yesterday so that figures.

Sarah said...

Sigh. I love this post so much!!!!!!!!!!!!