Saturday, May 22, 2010

Shaddy Gives It Two Thumbs Up

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Don't be deceived by the title of this book. It's not all fun and laughs, although humor and love abounds between the more tragic aspects of the story.
"The letters that make up this novel shed light on the suffering of the Channel Islanders during the German occupation, but there is also a rich vein of humor. After [Juliet] moves to Guernsey to work on her book, she finds it impossible to leave the island and her new friends, a feeling readers may share when they finish this delightful novel." --The Boston Globe
Ahem, ahem, attention please. Now it's time for my review.

"I wish I hadn't read this book last week so I could read it for the first time this next week. I loved it and I dearly miss all of the emotions I experienced while in the midst of it."--Shaddy


Parrot Writes said...

Two of my friends read this book while we were in Ashland. I was third in line, but it didn't get to me in time. They also highly recommended it! It's off to the library I'll go

Shaddy said...

Parrot: Please let me know what you think of it although I'm already certain of what your thoughts will be.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this one too. I didn't think I would like reading a story through letters but It's part of the charm. Juliet was a fabulous character!

Sarah said...

Ok, heading over to Amazon right this second....

Been eyeing this one for a while now. Thanks Shaddy, for the recommendation!!