Friday, June 11, 2010

My Race Packet

This afternoon, I drove to NorthPointe to pick up my triathlon race packet. Everything was nestled inside this cute red cloth bag.

Every participant is given a shirt. It's nice quality and made of a 100% polyester fabric. The shirt back is printed with the names of the sponsors.

*************I've attached my race number to the belt I'll be wearing. Some racers will attach their numbers to their clothes with metal safety pins. I'm afraid I'll snag my suit with the pins so I opt to wear the belt instead.

************A stack of brochures promoting other triathlons and runs were in the bottom of the bag. From there I tossed them into the bottom of my wastebasket. One's enough for a while.

*************This bike route map has figures showing where police officers will be present. Having ridden the bike route a few times already gives me a bit of an advantage. I know what to expect at every part of the ride.

***********My bag held another copy of the run course. The map confused me the first time I saw it several weeks ago. Before I ran the course for the first time in May, I asked a NorthPointe employee to go over it with me.

I thought I'd be given a sheet with specific information regarding where to park my truck and where the bike racks will be set up and other miscellaneous details. I like to know all the facts but I guess I'll find out when I arrive tomorrow morning.
I observed that preparations for the event were in progress at NorthPointe this afternoon. I took a very slow 1 mile run while I was there today. (It's hot and humid already and I wanted to acclimate myself to those conditions). Since Tuesday, they've black-topped a section of the running path which had been crushed limestone and pretty uneven; I like that. An area of the parking lot near the pool was blocked off with NO PARKING signs. Perhaps that's where we'll be racking our bikes. A good-size white temporary shelter with enclosed sides and a first aid trailer are also in that same area.
When I was given my packet, I was told to be in the pool area at 7:45 tomorrow morning. We'll be lined up in the order we'll be swimming.
I plan to relax with a book this evening and get to bed somewhat early although I'll probably be too excited to sleep well.
My next post will be a POST RACE POST. Got that?

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Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Do your best Shaddy! above all enjoy & have a great time~WooHoo!!!