Saturday, June 12, 2010

Yippee!! I Did It!!

**************The triathlon outcome for me was worth all my training, equipment organization and even my prerace nerves. The hardest part for me wasn't the event itself but getting through the week prior to it. Now all that's behind me and I'm happy and proud.
Fortunately, the forecasted thunderstorms were a no show. It rained a bit while I was running but that was exactly what I needed at that time. The temperature and humidity weren't as high as expected either. Thank God!

**************Lots of participants arrived at NorthPointe before me but I managed to get a parking space in the first row. At first, the parking lot looked full and I figured I'd have to turn around and go to a different parking area. But, lo and behold, someone created an extra row right in the front and I zipped right in. Why not!
My husband and son were out of town with the Avalanche so I have Jared's red truck.

***********I grabbed the closest fellow and asked him to take my picture with my bike. It's a hell of a job but someone had to do it!

*************That's my bike hanging by its seat from that pipe. Not your typical bike rack, right? Whatever! It works. I was lucky to get this spot near the end of this section of pipe. I found my bike easily when I came from the pool.
My gear is at my feet, ready and waiting. Oh, and I'm wearing my trisuit under my shirt and shorts. I slipped out of my clothes and put them in my backpack just before we gathered by the pool.

I felt like a convict when my race number was written on my left arm and left leg!!

*************Fortunately, I knew the bike and run routes so I didn't have to study them like these fellows did.
Please scroll down for more photos. Sorry for the big gaps. If I try to eliminate them, I often end up deleting a photo. That makes me mad and we don't want that now, do we!

*********This path leads from where we racked our bikes to the pool.

Voila, the pool. By the time the race started, besides the swimmers in the pool, there were wall-to-wall people all the way around.

We started swimming at the far side of the pool and swam the length and back moving from lane to lane toward where I stood to take this prerace photo.

Just before we took our turn entering the pool, we were given our timing chip attached to a velcro strap which we wrapped around our ankle.

We lined up in a predetermined order (fastest swimmers first based on our own time estimates) and entered the pool in 15 seconds intervals. There were more swimmers in each lane at one time than I had anticipated. I'm pleased to report that I had the unexpected pleasure of passing a guy in lane 3! That boosted my ego.

*************After swimming, we ran through this grassy area to get to our bikes.

We rode over those black pads with our bikes when we completed the 17-mile ride. The pads picked up a signal from our timing chips and recorded the moment we crossed them.

**************Since hubby was absent, I don't have any photos of the actual race. Darn!
The following photos are of the awards ceremony in the main lobby of NorthPointe. All of the awards and medals are on that table.

***********These two fine specimens are the male and female overall first place finishers as they were presented with their awards.

**************I made friends with Eileen while we stood in line waiting to begin swimming. Her husband took this picture when we met up again after the award ceremony. Eileen placed third in her age category.

I can't imagine how many volunteers were involved in this event. They all wore green t-shirts and they were EVERYWHERE.

**************Volunteers helped with registration, stood at intersections on the bike route directing bikers, offered glasses of water to runners, told us which way to go on the running trails and lots, lots more. Police officers held up traffic for us as we rode through the main intersections. That was terrific!
Many of the volunteers cheered us on during the event as well. That is SO appreciated. Every word of encouragement is like a shot of added energy. Without the volunteers, there would be no triathlon.
They deserve more than this thank you sign. That's for sure!
Thank you to all of you who have put up with all my posts about the triathlon. I promise to move on to something else as soon as my feet touch the ground!! I feel SO good!
P.S. I completed the triathlon in 1 hour and 59 minutes.


Jana said...

Oh my gosh - you rock, Shaddy! Congratulations! I'm glad it turned out to be such a great exerience and it's definitely an accomplishment to be proud of. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Parrot Writes said...

Knew it, knew it! You showed 'em how it's done! Congratulations and WOW - 1st place - an awesome accomplishment!

Shaddy said...

JANA: This experience wouldn't be nearly as much fun if I didn't have friends like you to share it with. THANKS for everything!

PARROT: You should have an award for all your support!

I'm lucky to have my health and the opportunity to participate in such events. I have a lot to be thankful for.

tdoll said...

Congratulations, you did it again. You are awesome.
Thanks for the update.

Your Brother Tom

Cheerific Notations said...

I just knew you'd do great!! 1st Place!!!!! Amazing!!

"We are proud of you, say we are proud of you (clap clap clap)" Sorry, the cheerleading in me came out again :)

Shaddy said...

BROTHER TOM: Hey, I finally got you out of the bleachers and into the action. In other words, I appreciate that you left me a comment.

We're similar in that we both like challenges. You with your involvement with car racing and me with mine. Carl told me this afternoon that you'll be going out to the Bonneville Salt Flats again this year. I'm sure your help will be essential.

Thanks again for your kind words.

CHEERIFIC: "Thank you, thank you" (clap clap clap). You deserve a cheer for all your support!!

"Let's hear it for Cheerific,
Give me a C,
Give me an H,
Give me an E...
and so on and so forth!!!!!

Gullible said...

NO FREAKING WAY!!! Congrats, Shaddy!

Shaddy said...

GULLY: Ain't that just the cat's meow!!

There are advantages to getting old; the competition gets sparser and sparser as I progress through the age groups.

When I can't swim, run or walk anymore, I'll fuss and whine until they organize a competitive wheelchair event.

Anonymous said...

HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go Shaddy!!! What a fantastic day you had!!!!!!!!! Congratulations, I am so happy for you and soooooo glad to hear you feel "so good", that's terrific!!

Thank you for writing this and for posting all the pictures. I wish I could have been down there today to watch.

Bravo!! Bravo!! What an accomplishment. Wow!!!

Shaddy said...

SARIE: Good morning, my friend. I'm still feeling the effects of my adrenaline high. I'm never up this early for no good reason and here I am doing laundry at 5:00AM. Somehow I did sleep well though.

The roadrunner pendant you gave me brought me enthusiasm and energy from start to finish.

I'm already thinking about doing it again next year and perhaps you'll be able to be present then. The Prairie Triathlon is so darn convenient and I'm familiar with the pool, run and bike routes and everything else involved in the logistics of the event.

Besides that, having the goal of participating in the triathlon will keep me motivated to run, bike and swim all year long. Right?

Get this: There was another woman in my age group who finished less than a minute behind my time! I was almost certain I'd be the only woman in my age group so I wasn't overly concerned with my speed.

I'll be better prepared next year and won't come as close to getting a second place award instead of first place as I did this year. Am I totally competitive or what!

The woman I beat and I were talking in the locker room after the race yesterday. She's very nice and belongs to NorthPointe also. Something tells me she'll be working out harder for next year's triathlon too. Rats!

I don't like to overload myself with performance pressure but I'll use my competitor to my advantage and yet try to program myself that if I come in second place, that's just fine.

I've often been spoiled the past few years, being the lone participant in my age group in events. Although, if I remember correctly, last year in the biathlon in Beloit, I think I just barely edged out the other woman in my age group.

Sheesh! I believe this is the longest response to a comment I've ever posted! My adrenaline high and cup of coffee are to blame.

THANKS, SARIE. You're a keeper.

Anonymous said...

Auntie and Uncle were glad they got to congratulate you in person, like we said we knew you could do it.
Congrats again. Love

Walk said...

Way to go, proud of ya.

Natasha said...

Oh wow -- this is so awesome; you are so awesome!!

Congratulations! You deserve all the adoration and adulation you get for this amazing feat!

Shaddy said...

AUNT BABE AND UNCLE ALLEN: I knew you were concerned and yet supportive so I just had to stop on my way home to show you the medal and tell you all about my morning.

It was great visiting with both of you and sitting on your deck with the awesome view of the golf course.

Thanks for the icy cold glass of V8too. It was exactly what I needed.

WALK: Thank you.

It's great to get a peek at you in your box beside your comment. If you're really, really good does Beautiful let you out for a few minutes at a time?

NATASHA: The entire event was very well organized and ran as smoothly as it possibly could.

I surely appreciate everyone's support and kind words of congratulations! What more could I ask for???