Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jake & Company

Here's a sampling of Jake's many faces. His contagious laugh, his peaceful, sleepy face and his concerned look are all precious.

Jake's mother used to work with me but after Jake arrived, she decided to become a stay-at-home Mom. Can you blame her?

I was tickled when these photos came in the mail the other day and even happier when Stephanie and Jake came into the office. I held Jake while Steph had a small cavity filled; he was so good and I was too. I didn't even pinch his cute little arms and legs; well, maybe I did but very gently. They're so firm and adorable that I couldn't resist.
I can't speak of Jake without giving special attention to the rest of the "company." Here's Jake's father, Tim, and the happy family under a tree in their backyard.
We all miss not seeing Stephanie regularly at work yet we couldn't be happier knowing she's spending precious time with her new baby. She'll never regret it and Jake will benefit greatly from this time with Mom.


Jana said...

They make a beautiful little family.
I'm glad you came clean about pinching those little arms and legs--I knew there couldn't be any way to resist.
It's amazing all the different expressions that come across the face of such a young soul.

Annie said...

He is ADORABLE!!!! How lucky that mom can stay home. I was a stay at homer for 12 years and never regretted a minute. Course my home was an absolute mess cause I was always playing with my kids but now that they are older it has returned to a somewhat uncluttered haven. Have a good rest of the weekend!!!
PS...I could not stay away from my faithful has been a nightmarish last couple of days so I had to write about it. Stop by if you have a minute.

Anonymous said...

What a cutie pie! They are a beautiful family.

I remember watching the faces of my childrens for countless hours when they were little. Those looks of curiousity, concern, happiness, and approval are priceless.

Shaddy said...

JANA: Irresistible for sure!!

ANNIE: Being a good Mom is much more important than keeping a neat house. I wish I'd done things somewhat differently.

DARKSCULPTURES: If only we knew what they were thinking at that young age.