Sunday, July 25, 2010

Please, Won't You Join Me On The Porch?

It's such a beautiful day, I just had to bring my laptop onto our screen porch and work on a blog post in the fresh air. As you can see as you scroll down, the temperature is perfect. I've decided that the time, 2:45PM, is exactly right for me to sit down and soak up a thick slice of this excellent summer day.

Before I plopped down, I snapped some photos of my view as I sit at my laptop, photos of our backyard and of the porch decor. I downloaded them into my computer and then uploaded them to this place. Do you think that qualifies as an upper body workout, all the work of loading down and then back up again?

We picked up many of the items on the porch walls in Door County, famous for its cherries.

I appreciate the company of our welcoming bear and when I look up I always get a kick out of the bumblebee who hangs over my head. (I bet you didn't know that they do that!)

I captured this picture of the sunset last night. As you can see, we don't get panoramic views of the sun as it slips down the sky and out of sight but the little glimpses we get are thrilling. As we viewed the burnt orange sky, we remembered, "red sky at night, sailors' delight." As promised, today is indeed a day to delight in.
(Have you read Charles Dickens' GREAT EXPECTATIONS? If so, you may like my previous post).


Jana said...

What a wonderful slice of heaven you have there! I don't think I would ever want to leave. Thanks for letting me hang out with you there for a bit. I feel refreshed.

Gullible said...

Lovely, lovely room, Shaddy. I can see why you like to hang out there.

Gullible said...

PS: Can you see a publisher from your porch?

Shaddy said...

JANA: Thank you for joining me in one of my favorite spots.

GULLY: No, but it I could, I'd invite him or her over, get him or her drunk and who knows what I might end up getting published! .

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh, what a gorgeous place. It looks wonderful Shaddy. I love this room. I could really relax out there.

Yep, all that uploading and downloading definitely counts for an upper body workout! LOL!


(psssssst...blogger finally let me in, but I needed a new account to do it, ugh! blogger hates me, did I mention that?)

Parrot Writes said...

I just enjoyed a pomegranate Edys Fruit bar (known as Dreyers Fruit Bars in Oregon) while sitting with you gazing out on the lovely view from your porch. Thanks for the respite!

Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely!

I've been waiting for my roses to get into sync so that I can take a picture of my rose garden. But since a few more were planted this year (ok, quite a few) they seem to want to bloom at different times. But I promise when they get their act together a photo on my blog so we can all share our private outdoor writing spaces.

Natasha said...

What a lovely porch and yard! I have fond memories of Door County from the distant past.

Thanks for sharing this!

Shaddy said...

SARIE: It was so pleasant being outside with my laptop yesterday that I'm out on the porch again this evening. We can eat and relax out here without fighting mosquitos and other icky bugs. We have a ceiling fan which keeps us tolerably cool even on the hottest days. Yes, we did the right thing when we added this porch to the house.

I hope your new Blogger account is the answer to your problems.

Have a great week!

PARROT: I'm so glad you found some fruit bars. Aren't they delicious?

NATASHA: We haven't been to Door County yet this year; if not this year, we'll get up there in 2011.

DARKSCULPTURES: I can't wait to see your roses.

Anonymous said...

Oh what a great way to spend the afternoon! I was stuck in a meeting at 2:45 yesterday. Your porch would have been much more pleasant. Thank you for sharing. When I go to my meeting today, I'll daydream about your porch.

Shaddy said...

DAYNER: I'm back on the porch this afternoon...what can I say? I'm really appreciating these relaxing moments. I skipped going to NorthPointe so instead of working out, I'm loafing outside. I could get used to this.

Meetings, huh? Dang it; they should be outlawed especially in the summer.

Kathan said...

I could use a dose of your porch! As you know (being a fellow Midwesterner), it's been dang hot! I have a great patio with a lovely view, but it's shaded at all during the day, and it's just too scorching to sit out there in the afternoon.

I can feel the breeze blowing my hair against my cheek on your shady porch.