Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm Spending to Save Money

I used to think that to save money, I had to put it in my savings account at the bank. I used to request that the bank teller hold back a portion of my paycheck before handing me the greenbacks I'd earned that week on the job. This saving system worked well until I decided to save money in a more exciting way.

It's much more fun saving money while I shop. All of the stores I frequent have sales going on every day. We've all seen signs in businesses and ads in newspapers promising savings on purchases. For instance, an item regularly priced at $9.99 may be marked down to $6.99. When I buy this item, I'm saving $3.00. Until about a year ago, I never claimed my savings. What can I say? I was naive and uninformed.

For over a year, I've discontinued saving my money by depositing it in my savings account at my bank. I'm saving exclusively by buying things which are on sale that I need or simply want for no particular reason. I'm willing to spend more than I used to because by spending, I'm saving money and investing megabucks in my future.

I'm not sure exactly where all my savings are accumulating because I never get a statement from the bank that handles savings gained by spending. Actually, I don't even know the name of that bank. I bet it's SGBS, derived from "savings gained by spending." I'm surmising that they must send yearly statements which would wisely save them money on paper and postage costs. I bet the bank name is SGBS, derived from "savings gained by spending."

I can't wait to find out my total savings since I started saving by spending. I assume that with the latest electronic equipment at the checkout counters, savings are automatically credited to a a central bank account in my name. Sales clerks love this system too. Whenever I ask them when I'll get a report on my savings from the bank, their faces break into wide smiles and eventually they chuckle or laugh gaily. I never get an answer to my question. I figure that if they're not concerned, I shouldn't be either.


Jana said...

I like to multiply my savings by taking the money saved on one item and purchasing something else that is on sale. I'm sure it's working better than my 401K investments. :)

Jana said...

Oh, and I like the first ad about getting your undies in a bunch! Very clever.

Cheerific said...

Very cute! I tend to shop in the same manner, and somewhere I must be a millionaire by now. Like you I'm still waiting for the bank statement to let me know exactly where I'm at!

Gullible said...

A nostalgic old refreshment establishment I used to patronize had boneless chicken dinners (hard boiled eggs) for sale. You would have appreciated the savings: 25 cents each or 3 for $1.00.

Shaddy said...

JANA: You're my kind of shopper and saver! Multiplying savings by buying more is wisdom worth a wad of dollars.

CHEERIFIC: Somewhere over the rainbow we're saving up for a rainy day.

GULLY: I appreciate the cleverly named menu item AND the 25 cents each or 3 for a dollar so called bargain.

What a fun place to get refreshed in body and soul!

Shaddy said...

GULLY: ...and a great place to get ripped off if you can't do the math!!

sarahowens said...

LOL!!!I absolutely LOVE this!!!!!!! Oh Shaddy, you make my day!!!!!!!!!!

Parrot Writes said...

I can just see you chuckling all the while you were writing this one! Yes, I'm waiting for my SGBS Bank statement also! Should be any day now, dontcha think?

kathanink said...

I love saving money, especially at the grocery store! I've been coupon-ing over the last year, and it's super fun. Today I got 2 boxes of really good kleeex for a dollar and a package of napkins for 60 cents - coupons with sale discounts are the best!

Shaddy said...

SARIE: And you make mine!!! I hope you made it safely back from LaCrosse.

PARROT: I sure hope so!! I'd hate to think I've been doing all this shopping only for the fun of it. Sheesh!

KATHANINK: I agree. I was into Walgreen's rebate offers a few years ago. I got tons of stuff free. Tis super fun indeed.

sarahowens said...

I have to tell you, Russ read this and you got him laughing too! Now that's quite an accomplishment! He said, "oh this is good."
Thanks 4 this!!

Shaddy said...

SARIE: That makes my day! Thanks for laughing; mission accomplished.

Enjoy the relief from the humidity.

Oh, and tell Russ that I think of him when I'm at NorthPointe. I marvel at his architectural skills every time I'm there.

sarahowens said...

I tell him how much you enjoy it at NorthPointe, he loves that you do. In fact, the entire design staff knows you're loving your time there. I think they like the positive feedback. :)

joven said...

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joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine to,and be a follower..thanks and God bless..

Shaddy said...

SARIE: Everything about NorthPointe is positive. The atmosphere the architectural design provides, the congeniality of the staff, the constant attention to cleanliness and excellence, all of these contribute to my experience every time I drive onto the property and throughout each workout.

Yup, I love it.

JOVEN: Thank you for your positive feedback. I'll visit your blog ASAP.

darksculptures said...

I have to brag about my savings today. Not because it was substantial, but because I actually got to purchase something frivolous and not spend a ton of money.

I went in search of a silk plant for my bathroom. Even though I have huge success with roses and vegetables, when it comes to me and houseplants it is more of a love & hate relationship. I love them to death and they hate me for killing them.

So imagine how thrilled I was when I found a nice silk plant for $19.99 at a discount of 70% off. Total price before tax $5.99. The end of my vegetation homicides - priceless!