Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sweet Summer Sweat

I used to complain about high temperatures and humidity until last week. I changed my outlook after a stop at my bank. During my transaction, I shared my thoughts on the heat of the day. The teller reminded me that compared to the frigid temperatures in the winter that keep us trapped inside, he enjoyed all the weather summer offered.

Over the years, I've heard tons of people defend the high thermometer readings; I usually think to myself that anyone who enjoys extreme heat and especially high humidity needs his head examined.

For some unknown reason, after my conversation at the bank, I decided to change my perception. For days now, I've come to embrace this season with all of its attributes. Now when someone complains to me about the heat, I repeat what I heard from the bank teller in hopes I'll convert one more person into appreciating summer's heat and humidity.

My days are numbered as are everyone's. Whenever I can, I'll try to admire every day and every daily incident as it comes along. My perceptions determine my experiences; I can make an effort to see things in a positive light.
In spite of my strong convictions, I'm cutting myself some slack. I can't and won't rejoice when in the throes of a summer hot flash. Nope, that's too much!
In closing, I only ask that you reach out to me. I'm tossing fruit bars to everyone.


Vanessa said...

I tend to try and stay cool during the summer, but would take it hot and humid any day over how cold it gets here in the winter.

Fruit bars you say? I couldn't find them at the two stores I looked at. Maybe they don't have them here in Canada :(

Annie said...

I caught one!!! YUMMY!!!!!! I am a winter girl at heart. Why? Because I can dress in layers and then strip one at a time if I get too hot. In summer, there is no stripping, at least in public and I don't like having the air conditioner on ALL THE TIME. I much prefer the cool breezes blowing in through the windows. Ah well...I won't be rejoicing on hot days either but at least I have you to sit with, eating some delicious fruit bars and laughing!!! Blessings...Annie

Shaddy said...

VANESSA: I'm sorry I made your mouth water for fruit bars that you can't find in your area.

In that case, I'll toss you a couple this evening!!

Shaddy said...

ANNIE: I had my first grape fruit bar today. Now I'm not sure which is my favorite, pomegranate or grape. They're both bursting with flavor.

Laughing and fruit bars are the joys of summer!

Jana said...

Shaddy - Thanks for the fruit bar. It was a bit melty, but I just ate it a little faster.
I like your outlook on the summer heat. I definitely prefer it over our winter ice storms!

Jana said...

Oops - I also meant to tell you the pictures are lovely.

Shaddy said...

JANA: I was afraid the fruit bars might not travel from my hands to yours without some small damage. You got it, that's the main thing!! Silly, aren't we!!

The sunflower photo was taken in our yard and the sunset on Lake Vermilion in Minnesota last summer. I'm glad you enjoyed them.

Parrot Writes said...

Thanks for the fruit bar treat! I'm not sure how I would handle humidity like you experience in the summer. I like your new attitude, although I wouldn't expect anything less from you!
My computer is whole again. Darned router!

Shaddy said...

PARROT: Thanks for your vote of confidence.

Hurray! You're back in business with your computer again. I bet you appreciate that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the treat!
I have to say I admire your new outlook on these hot and humid days. It's a good thing to be armed with considering tomorrow's forecast.

I am in love with that sunflower picture. It's gorgeous!

(thanks for the link to this from Facebook - I haven't been able to get here for a few days again, but that linked worked!)

Shaddy said...

SARIE: Cool! I'm glad the link was convenient for you. And I'm "gladder" to hear from you!

Thanks for the warning regarding tomorrow's temps. Forewarned, I'll reinforce my positive thinking reserves.