Sunday, August 29, 2010

And the Winner is...Vanessa!

I'm delighted to announce that Vanessa is the winner of my scented soap bar giveaway. Please let me know which scented soap bar you'd like, Vanessa. If you provide me with your mailing address via e-mail to , I'll send your gift across the border to you in Canada.

Vanessa is happily married, the mother of three lovely children, and resides in Alberta, Canada. Her fun-filled blog can be visited at .

Even though I began with seven bars of soap and I'm giving one away, I'll still have seven bars. That's quite amazing isn't it. Believe it or not, little miracles still do happen. Read on for the details.

Last Friday, I contacted the owners of the Oregon Soap Shoppe & Green Art Etc. via their website. I encouraged them to take a peek at my most recent blog post which praises their scented soaps. The next morning, I opened my e-mail inbox to find a response from Lynnel and Michael. They wrote:

"Thank you for your kindness and generosity.
We are happy that you are pleased with your order!
You are so thoughtful to give up one of your soaps, we would like to send you one to replace the one you are giving away.
Just email me the scent you would like us to send.
Thank you for helping promote our business!
Your photos are really wonderful and it tickled us to see them!
Have a great weekend."
Lynnel & Michael

What a fun way to start my Saturday morning!! I was happy knowing they'd gone to my blog to see what I'd been up to. On top of that, their appreciation is evident in their generosity. I'm looking forward to adding a bar of Lemon Bergamot soap to my aromatic collection. On the Oregon Soap Shoppe website, Lemon Bergamot is recommended for relieving the discomfort of eczema which frequently breaks out on the palm of my left hand.

Thank you, Lynnel and Michael.

I close this blog post simply with "Life Is Good."


Anonymous said...

YAY! Congrats to Vanessa!

And congrats to you too Shaddy for scoring that bar of Lemon Bergamot! I will definitely be ordering that, it sounds wonderful.

Thanks for the fun giveaway!

Happy Birthday to Lon!

Shaddy said...

SARIE: Thanks for being such a good sport, even though you didn't win. It was fun having you in my hat over the weekend!!

I'll surely pass your birthday wishes to Lon.

Tomorrow's Toesday. Take off your shoes and wiggle your feet!

Anonymous said...

LOL! I shall do that!

Vanessa said...

Yippee Ki Yi Yay!!! I can't believe I won!!!! Shaddy, you truly are the best! Thanks for the blog plug too! An email is on its way :)

Shaddy said...

VANESSA: I'll be mailing the Peony Petal bar soap, an excellent choice, to you early this afternoon.

You'll love the scent when you shower. These soaps lather up nicely so they leave you feeling super clean. Enjoy!

Jana said...

Congratulations to Vanessa!!
Well, Shaddy, the kind response you received from the Oregon Soap Shoppe sealed the deal for me. I will be doing some shopping with these fine folks in the near future.

Shaddy said...

JANA: That's wonderful. They'll surely appreciate your business.

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

excellent customer service Shaddy!
Life is certainly good indeed~


Shaddy said...

LENORE: And fun as well on days like this!

Natasha said...

This was fun, even if I didn't win (this time). I just might order some soap from them anyhow. Lavender patchouli sounds divine.

AND every time I eat a blueberry/acai bar I think of you. How great is that??

Shaddy said...

NATASHA: That's fabulous!! It's wonderful to be thought of by another.

Parrot Writes said...

Congrats to Vanessa! She will be the best smelling of us all(well except Shaddy, of course)! Thanks for introducing us to something new and scented! And you scored again with free product for your advertising! Way to go!