Sunday, January 30, 2011

Featuring February!

I customized my Live With Intention journal to feature February so I can continue to use it as my 2011 date book.

February will sneak in the door at midnight tomorrow night.  I won't be up to greet her but I'll leave cheese, crackers, a glass of wine and two chocolate chip cookies on the table for her.  Perhaps by treating her right, she'll treat me well.  Do ya think?  

I added the birthdays and the February calendar to these two pages. 

Trusting ourselves can be a tall order, but it makes sense that doing so will uncomplicate our lives.  We needn't hesitate before making decisions.


Sorry, Terry and Jill.  My pen acted up on the "k" and "s." 
 February is plumb full of birthdays!  Just look at my list of family and friends who'll be partying and celebrating their special days.


TAMI--my niece, engaged to be married in March.

TERRY--a fellow blogger/friend and online writing class buddy.

JILL--my sister-in-law and co-conspirator from way back.

SUE--a friend and a free-spirit.

LYNN--a friend from my childhood and my make-believe sister.

February isn't leaping this year.  She promises to entertain us, but will keep both feet on the ground during the 28 days of her reign.

Renee Locks' waterpainting is a nice touch, don't you think?  I love it.

Happy February to all!

Although my mother isn't here to celebrate her birthday, I'll think of her often on the 14th.  Don't forget that the 14th is VALENTINE'S DAY.


Walk said...

Thanks for the birthday wish. I happened to have the same birthday as my grandfather did. That was pretty special.

Parrot Writes said...

February will bring weather (good and bad),celebrations, and transition to spring, along with being the shortest month. I love the quotes and paintings! Happy February to you, Ms. Shaddy!

Anonymous said...

Me too, I love the paintings! What a sweet post Shaddy. Of course it is! It's written by you!

I really love that book...and the calligraphy you've added. Very nice!

Shaddy aka Cheryl said...

WALK: You're welcome, my friend. Sharing your grandpa's birthday is incredible. I bet you had a special bond because of it.

PARROT: February always triggers thoughts of Valentine's Day and as I mentioned, my mom's birthday.

It's quite thoughtful of February to always cut her stay short so March can step in with the gift of Spring.

SARIE: Perhaps I should copy some of these paintings when I pick up my acrylic paints. They won't be the same but it could be interesting to see what I can do.

I may need to invest in a new calligraphy pen since I had some trouble with my writing here. Thank goodness for White Out!

Have a lovely Monday evening!!

Anonymous said...

Great idea Shaddy! Give it a shot! It'll be great...

Stay safe and warm tomorrow dear!

Shaddy aka Cheryl said...

SARIE: Thanks for your never-ending encouragement.

We're in for some crazy, nasty weather aren't we! When I walked out the door of the office late this afternoon, I was greeted by a blast of wind!! Nothing's worse than a cold, blustery wind whipping the snow against us and piling it into shifting drifts.

Enjoy the warmth of your home and the love of your hubby and Chuck & Co.

Annie said...

I love the quote and the painting!! Happy Groundhog Day!!! Here in Michigan, winter wonderland has hit...will be getting ready for work shortly!! Did you also get the blizzard?

Shaddy aka Cheryl said...

ANNIE: Yes, we did get a snowstorm. In fact everything is closed!! With our Chevy Avalanche truck, I was able to get to the office to cancel appointments. It's quite exciting actually, although the high winds combined with the cold temps and drifting snow are pretty dangerous.

I'm back home now and it seems weird to be home on a Wednesday. All these extra hours to fill with doing the things I love is quite a treat.

Take care.