Monday, January 24, 2011

It's Elementary

When a new year arrives, I often feel energized and upbeat, ready for a new challenge or two.

On New Year's Eve, between dinner and a movie, we stopped at Walmart to kill some time.  Of course, they're always open and ready to take a person's money.  (Could that be why they keep such ungodly hours!!!  Do you think?)

As I strolled the aisles, I came across the artist supplies.  I purchased this set of acrylic paints, a set of brushes, an acrylic pad and a few palettes.  That was the easy part.  Now I have to become inspired so I can put these tools to work.  A normal person would be inspired first and then seek the tools with which to express himself.  Normal, I'm not.  

Forty or more years ago, I briefly played around with acrylic paints.  The only painting I remember putting on an acrylic board was a cross-section of a lemon.  Yup!  It was elementary at best.  Unfortunately, I haven't set my sights any higher this time around.  I can almost guarantee that my paintings will be astonishing only in their simplicity and my obvious lack of any noteworthy artistic talent.  That's okay. 

Why bother then? you might ask.  My response if you posed that question would be:  Purely for the benefits that come of a diversion.

I am a ghastly creature of habit.  My weeks are nearly identical with my job, workouts, blogging, reading and household tasks taking up the majority of my time.

For that reason, I'm hoping that one of these days I'll open up my paints and get out of my rut, if only for an hour or two at a time.  Who knows what might or might not happen. 


Parrot Writes said...

Yes, yes, yes - you must do this!
Drawing and painting work from the right side of the brain where your creativity lives. Enjoying your wonderful blog for the past year, I see that creativity in you. You can do it! Paint away!

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Can't wait to see the splash of colors, Shaddy! Cheers to creativity!

Shaddy aka Cheryl said...

PARROT: Hey, thanks for the vote of confidence! One of these days, I'll open the paint tubes and JUST DO IT!

LENORE: You want splashes of paint? I can probably manage that!!

Cheers to you Lenore.

Vanessa @ VWPhotography said...

Shaddy! I'm back in blogland, yay :0) I missed you!

YES, DO IT! I can relate to putting it off, I hung my last paintings in my hallway about 3 years ago and haven't touched anything since. Before that... years, but I find its like riding a bike. As long as you have a passion to do it, the results are always FUN no matter how long its been!

Be sure to share your finished works when you do finally get around to it. In fact, you may have just inspired me to bring mine out again... maybe...


Anonymous said...

This is awesome Shaddy!! Oh, I am so excited to see what you create!!! How much fun is this going to be?!?!?!? Now who's adventurous? Hmmmmm????

I will be here, waiting to see the first project!

This is the coolest news of the day for me. Nah, I'm not excited. Nope. Teehee....

I am a bit perturbed at Blogger for not showing me this post yesterday, or Monday night when you posted it however...oh please don't let this be a sign of more Blogger troubles...

Shaddy aka Cheryl said...

VANESSA: Cool! I'm really glad you're back to blogging. I'll put your blog site back on my favorites list. How you find the time for all you do is a mystery to me.

I'd love to see your paintings. Please, please show them on your blog. Perhaps you did in the past but unfortunately I'm getting old and forgetful.

Welcome back, Vanessa!

Shaddy aka Cheryl said...

SARIE: I'm so sorry to hear that Blogger is misbehaving again. I'd like to slap them.

I hope I can quit writing about it and start using my paints and brushes and paper and palettes. I'm scared that I'll suck and then I'll be upset with myself. Nobody can hurt me more than I can hurt myself.

But with you on my side, I've nothing to fear but fear itself. Right? my Sarie?

Let the adventures begin for this pair of Beloit/Janesville creative geniuses. Look out world; S & C are only beginning! I bet you wonder what I'm on. All I've ingested in the last couple hours is a big bowl of bean soup and crackers. No wonder I'm propelled!!

Annie said...

Go for it!!! I would love to see the final result!

Vanessa @ VWPhotography said...

Oh, the old blog is not longer valid. Here's the new link

Shaddy aka Cheryl said...

ANNIE: I will post anything I do here...I think. Don't get your hopes up too high!

VANESSA: Gotcha!

Anonymous said...

Nah, you won't suck. It will be awesome. How do I know this? Because you're my Lavender Sista! And we are awesome! :) And nothing we do sucks. Period. I dare anyone to argue with me about that :)

I don't think you're on anything honey, it sounds to me like you might be inspired? Excited to try painting? I say dive in and go for it!

What would you like to paint first?

Shaddy aka Cheryl said...

SARIE: Lavendar sistas!! Yes, yes, and once again, YES!

I still haven't figured out what I want to paint. Really! Just like when it comes to writing. Until I begin, I often don't know what I want to say.

I guess I figured out what I should do. I should simply squeeze some paint on a palette pick up a brush and see what happens. And do it soon before the paint hardens in the tubes!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL!! You are so funny!!
I say take your time and wait for the inspiration to hit you! Cuz when it does, ohhhh WOW. I know this from your writing :)

Shaddy aka Cheryl said...

SARIE: I hope you're right!!

Natasha said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your artwork, Shaddy! As you yourself wrote, JUST DO IT!