Saturday, February 26, 2011

Left, Right, Left, Right...

Faintly, I hear the month of March approaching.  If you're absolutely still, you'll hear it too.  It's evident in the unremitting chant of marchers, "left, right, left, right..."

As I did with January and February, I'm using pages in my Live With Intention journal as the basis to create a personalized date book. 

I chose these two pages for my rantings, ravings and recordings during the month of March.  The lovely flower and the short and sweet saying came with the book.  I added the calendar and birthdays.

Renee Locks' pretty water color of a single flower is cheerful and instills in us the joy and promise of Spring which will officially arrive on the 20th.

Emily Dickinson's words work perfectly alongside the excitement that comes with Spring.  March brings with it hope and great expectations for each and every one of us.   
This month is special for two members of my family and three friends. 

I've known Chuck and Keith for a whole bunch of years.  Both live here in Beloit.  Keith is a retired police officer and Chuck retired from Beloit's paper making industry.

Tom is my oldest brother.  He lives in Troy, Michigan and holds a world record for the fastest small-block Camaro.

Lenore is a friend I've become acquainted with through my blog.  Her job takes her all over the world and she shares her adventures on her fun-filled blog.

Aunt Babe is one of my mother's two sisters.  She and my uncle enjoy my writing and encourage me to keep at it.  Auntie Babe is full of fun and laughter.

May we all rejoice in the thirty-one days before us when we turn another calendar page in 2011.  May I suggest that we progress through March with this concept:  Life is a wonderful challenge. 

6 comments: said...

The little watercolor of the flower is so pretty! Ohhhhh, the whole book is pretty, and I'm glad you're highlighting details from it. So cool!

Happy Birthday everyone!!!

"I dwell in possibility" that!

Parrot Writes said...

Lovely pictures and quotes! I am very much looking forward to March and spring! So's Gully, I'm thinking.

Shaddy aka Cheryl said...

SARIE: So terrific as always to hear from you. You're a busy girl, especially on FB! You've a whole bunch of friends and it seems you're having a blast with them. That's great! When you're feeling well, I'm feeling well. Are you off the big lake?

LINDA: Spring is a magic word, especially at the end of February!! I hope it gets to your neck of the woods very, very soon! Thanks for visiting here, my friend. said...

We might get to sneak outta here for a few days, not sure yet. It all depends on Russ's schedule. If we do, it'll probably be to the Big Lake, yes! We might leave about the same time you do (it'll make your absence a little easier to take).

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

It's always so nice to start a day with wonderful quotes, Shaddy!
left-right-left-left-RIGHT...marching to my B'day! Thank you for your love!!
LUV you back~xo*

Shaddy aka Cheryl said...

SARIE:'re spoiling me again with your kind words. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you and Russ are able to get away for at least a few days!!

I was ready to get away a long time ago but the weather usually isn't as nice in FL if we go earlier.

Have a great day!

LENORE: YES, YES, YES!! It's your birthday month! Celebrate every single day of the month--why not, you deserve it! Yes you do!

(A quote a day keeps the blues away).