Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Swing for the Elderly

We replaced our weathered bench swing with this new model.  It's hanging from a playground we built for our son, many, many years ago.  Although, never used, we haven't had the heart to take it down so we plant flowers in the sandbox and have a bench swing where regular swings used to hang.  I may turn the playhouse into a reading loft!!


Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

I don't understand what's going on with my blog. I can add new posts but I can't officially sign in to my blog. I can't edit posts once I've published them.

Yikes, after all these years of blogging, I'm surprised to be in such a fix.

Oh well, at least you get the idea of what I tried to post.

mistress maddie said...

I'm with you on the blog tech stuff. I only know the day to day basics. But you have such a lovely backyard retreat. And a great idea to recycle the tree house. Who wouldn't love a outdoor reading loft!!! I'm now 39, and my mother just removed the swing set from my childhood. It was like pulling teeth to get her to remove it. I think it gave her memories of me being there.But for mother days I got her a swing like yours and planted a love garden around it.

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

MADDIE: The love garden is a "lovely" idea; I bet your mother adores it.

My son is 32. I'm glad we're not the only ones who have had trouble parting with such things.

Natasha said...

I LOVE the idea of a reading loft! Do it!

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

NATASHA: It's the next best thing to an outdoor shower stall!!!!

Gullible said...

Shaddy, try going to the blogger discussion areas to see if others are having the same problem or have found a solution.

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

GULLY: Who has time for such things!!!!

I know you're right. I just can't bring myself the time to search for a solution.

Sarah said...

Ohhhhhhh, a reading loft! I'm in! That's a fabulous idea. I do so love your swing. Your entire backyard is such a beautiful escape Shaddy. I could spend my days out there pretty easily.

Your inability to sign into your blog is a completely new one to me. Oh I hope I haven't jinxed you by returning to Blogger dear. I'm so sorry your having troubles. I'll look around and see if I can find anyone with similar problems that have found a solution. That's weird.

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

SARIE: It seems weird that I can add new posts although I can't officially sign in!! I'm thankful for that!! It's just that I often go back and edit my posts and I can't do that since the little pencil doesn't appear where it used to be.

I enter my e-mail address and password to sign in but it doesn't register and asks me to enter them over and over again.

Oh well, all is well otherwise.