Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ground Venison Burritos

Thanks to my son, I have several packages of ground venison in my freezer.  I browned one package of it and added my own combination of ingredients including:  ketchup, worcestershire sauce, a bit of taco seasoning, some chunky salsa and, of course, a splash of Major Peters Hot & Spicy Bloody Mary Mix!  (I withheld the vodka).  
We wrapped the spiced up ground venison in these tortillas.

We added a generous sprinkling of these four shredded cheeses as a topping inside our burritos.

Finally, a dollop of sour cream completed the filling inside the tortillas.  In my opinion, no burrito is worth eating without sour cream.

With refried beans on the side, we had a satisfying and very enjoyable dinner.

Unfortunately, I didn't take a photo of our ready-to-eat burritos.  When dinner was ready, I was hungry and this blog post slipped down a notch on my priority list.  I apologize. 

In case you're wondering, ground venison tastes exactly like ground beef but is lower in fat.  I've also used it in spaghetti sauce and my chili recipe.

Have you used venison in any of your favorite dishes?    


Sarie said...

Oh honey, your new blog template is just fantastic! I could live here! It's beautiful, and so relaxing to look at. Nicely done my dear!!!

Ok Shaddy, I am going to try venison for the first time ever. Just for you. I've never tried it. I live in WI and have never tried it. Shameful. BUT, these burritos look and sound like something I would eat the heck out of. And I KNOW Russ would love these. He likes venison. And my cousin has some for me to try this. Thank you so much for this! I even have some Major Peters!! I'm so prepared I scare myself, LOL!

Great post friend! LOVE!
Have a wonderful week dear...hugs and love sent your way...right...NOW!

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

SARIE: I think you'll be surprised that even when you're browning the ground venison you won't notice a difference in the aroma. I think the venison is more tender than beef.

Let me know what you think. I surely hope you aren't disappointed.

Happy Friday and you and yours.