Sunday, July 15, 2012

Our Second Tree Frog of the Summer

Guess what?  I was looking out my patio door Friday morning and I noticed there was something in the birdhouse at the back of our yard.  Something was looking out of the hole.  I grabbed my camera and went for a closer look.  If this is a bird, then I'm taking down all of my birdfeeders!

I had to leave for work so I couldn't keep an eye on this "thing."  When I looked for him later in the day, he wasn't there; at least, he wasn't looking out of the opening.  Since Friday, I've looked for him in the birdhouse several times with no luck. 

I suspect this "thing" is a tree frog.  If you follow my blog, you know I spotted a brown tree frog in a different birdhouse a few days ago.  (I posted a picture of it in my last post).  He wasn't as creepy looking as this green one.

We've been doing a whole lot of watering the past several weeks.  Perhaps the frogs are attracted to our yard because of that.  

Life continues to be interesting right here in our own back yard.   


Sarie said...

Oh. My. Goodness! THAT is an awesome picture of a very interesting little critter. I love it!

Yep, I'll bet they are attracted to your yard because of the watering. How cool to see him though? Well, I think it's cool. I think Chuck would like him too.

Stay cool my dear, and Happy Monday! xoxo

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

SARIE: Thanks for commenting. Isn't that little critter something? He could be very scary if he were bigger!!!!!

I keep looking in all of our birdhouses in hopes of seeing more interesting creatures in unexpected places!