Monday, December 17, 2012

Come See SK

We're addicted to SK sunsets.  You'll see that in the next few moments.
Thank God for cameras.
Lon likes our rental car, a Honda Civic.
I can't stop taking sunset pictures. 
The colors yesterday were amazing; every shade of yellow, orange and pink showed up.
Long after the sun set, we watched the panoramic sky.
Here's Jared, returning from fishing from the Gulf shoreline.
A close-up shot of a cormorant
These critters are abundant but elusive.
Here's Jared again. 
The water is a comfortable temperature for wading.  Jared was in up to his waist while fishing but wetting my feet was as far as I got.
The red foliage is pretty against the green and blue.
I don't start out planning to put this many photos on my blog posts but it's hard to omit any.
The pinks were so, so pretty.  I think of cotton candy.
This gathering of birds is "in the pink."

A "regular" on the beach.
It's fun to watch these fellows swim under water along the water's edge.

I trust you've enjoyed seeing what we've seen on Siesta Key.  Come back tomorrow or the next day for more.


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