Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saving Money?

I spent:  $9.99; I saved $15.00 off the original price 
I spent $1.99; I saved $11.00
I spent $14.99; I saved $25.00
I spent $2.99; I saved $.70
I've found a few bargains at Shopko as a by product of walking the aisles for exercise.  I saved a lot of money on the items shown above. 

As always, the reality of the spending I did is that I didn't save money.  I came away with $31.61 less than I had when I woke up this  morning. 

Reality is such a drag.  It's much more fun to believe that I saved $51.70 this morning.  Fortunately, Lon focused on my savings and was impressed with me.  I love him for that.

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