Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blueberries Are Good for Your Memory...

or are they?

My friend, Gully, who lives in Alaska, reminded me recently that blueberries are good for a person's memory.  I'd heard that claim some time ago, but of course I'd forgotten!!!!!

While this promise was fresh in my mind, I accumulated the above foods and drinks containing "miracle" blueberries.  I didn't want to risk forgetting again...:)

It appears that I'm quite serious about improving my mental faculties based on these purchases, right??  Realistically, my expectations aren't high but the possibility of improvement prompted me to make these purchases.  I don't normally buy blueberries so at least I'm out of my mundane routine of eating mostly apples and oranges as my fresh fruit choices this time of year.

Questions, comments and/or arguments are welcome.


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