Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Blue Jay, Gold Finch and Hummingbird

Yesterday morning (Wednesday), I looked for the Baltimore orioles that we saw Tuesday morning.  I saw neither hide nor feather of them, but I was pleased to see this Blue Jay on the ground under one of our feeders.  Blue Jays aren't regular visitors to our yard so it was a treat.

I marvel at the beautiful shades of blue on its feathers.  The black markings on the wings and tail also accentuate this rather large bird.  As I mentioned yesterday, the brighter the bird, the more I like it.

I wish I looked this good from the rear.

He was completely satisfied to hunt through the seeds that had fallen from the feeder above.

He flew up in a tree and then flew back down to the grass this time. 

Today, Thursday, this gold finch and several of his siblings didn't seem to mind the warm rain.

This chickadee opted to stay dry under the overhang on our screen porch.
Unfortunately, the only things I saw on our Baltimore oriole feeder were raindrops dripping off the roof.

I almost forgot to mention that yesterday evening we saw a ruby-throated hummingbird come to one of our sugar water feeders.  That was our first hummingbird sighting this year.  I didn't have my camera in hand so I have no photo to show. 

It's been a good week for bird watching in our backyard.  For weeks, we've been looking forward to sighting Baltimore orioles and hummingbirds.  We saw both and a blue jay to boot. 

(For more bird photos, see my previous and following blog posts).   

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