Saturday, June 8, 2013

Drew & Tracy's Wedding (Part 1)

We received this "Save the Date" postcard announcing Drew and Tracy's upcoming wedding several months ago.
The wedding invitation followed.

It's the wedding day and everyone awaits the bride.  This is Drew, the groom. 

Ryan, Drew's brother and his best man.

Beth, Drew's sister, was also in the wedding party.

Abigail, Ryan's daughter is one of the flower girls.

Emma, Ryan's daughter also, was the second flower girl.  She walked in with the wedding party. 

Carl, Drew's father (in the middle), looks on with a smile.  

The long awaited moment arrives.  Here comes the bride.  Tracy is radiant on her father's arm.

The father of the bride will soon give his daughter away.

And here we have the bride and groom together.

Tracy and Drew exchange rings.

This is one of my favorite wedding pictures.

May I introduce you to, Drew and Tracy Doll. 

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