Saturday, July 13, 2013

Geneva Lake Shore Path from Williams Bay

On Friday evening, we went to Geneva Lake.  We ate at Popeye's (again) and then drove to Williams Bay to walk the shore path. 

We passed this restaurant shortly after we began our walk.  It looks inviting. 

Between the Pier 290 restaurant and the bay waters is a sandy beach where you can sit with a drink, kick your shoes off and settle your feet in the sand. 

We will definitely be coming here to eat and check the place out ASAP.

Pretty, huh?  I'm liking my new camera. 

How funny is this?

We had a gorgeous evening beside the lake.


Some sections of the path are pretty crude.  You have to watch your step here.

The path took us under the balcony of this quaint lakeside cottage.

You never know what you might find around the bends in the path.  That's part of the fun.
That's the opposite side of Williams Bay.

I'm speechless.

Is he waving?

On our way back to our truck, we stopped here.  We were ready for dessert after our walk. 

Ice cream cones here made for a perfect ending to a great evening. 

We will definitely be back to Geneva Lake many more times in the weeks ahead. 


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Stephanie said...

Cheryl!! I love all of these pics! Very beautiful and some just made me smile :) Love the one of the duck waving..ha. Thanks for sharing!