Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My Word!!??

(I found two pages of my writing in a spiral.  I don't remember writing these words although I must have done so within the past few months because I know the spiral is fairly new.  It's a bit strange to read my own words and not recall the writing of them).   

Weary                                                People respond  
Why weary?                                      To situations
Worry                                                 According to
Worry on top of worry.                     Their own compass.  

To do or not                                       My compass is not
To know or not                                  Your compass
Doing right?                                      Your strengths are

Caring enough?                                 Not mine.

Aging worries                                    My capacities
Aging challenges                               My perceptions
Aging ages.                                        My actions
                                                           Are not yours.
No rights
No wrongs                                         
                                                                                 My choices
Human hunches                                 Shape my life.  
Human guesses                                  Your choices form
Human assumptions                          Yours.
Humanness sucks.
                                                             You and I
Relief relaxes.                                      Are different.
Absent of harsh fears                          Let us respect
I uncoil.                                                That fact.

Let us
Let them.
Pushing, demanding
Unnecessary force.
Stress, anger, frustration.

We are born.
We live
We die.

Between birth and death
If God allows
We thrive, love, live well.
We strain, fear, fight
With ourselves.

Living freely works
When fears flee.
Chains broken
Release love.

So fear not
And love, yes, love. 

(I used to journal regularly a few years ago.  I must have had the urge again).

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