Monday, June 23, 2014

Alaska Journal #10: Drinks, Dinner & DESSERT

Frequently before dinner, several of us met for a drink at the Crow's Nest.  This is the first beer I've ever had that came in a bottle like this.  Grolsch, I like the sound of it.  The beer was almost as good as the bottle was awesome.

Peanuts and appetizers appeared magically and were devoured greedily.

We found Laura chatting with some new acquaintances, Lenny and David.  (Lenny in the middle, David on the left).  Between the two of them, they'd been on a total of approximately 130 cruises, give or take a few.  All of us enjoyed spending time throughout the cruise, hearing their stories.

The Crow's Nest has similar views to the Rotterdam dining room although we're up four decks higher in the Crow's Nest. 

I like this photo better yet.
We requested early seating which made for a quiet dining experience.  We're not anti-social, just saying.

Are Alice and Lynnette enjoying themselves?  Obviously, yes, they are.  Twink and Mary are two tables over.  See them behind Alice, above the menu?  Hi kids!! 

This couple looks like they're feeling no pain.  Really now.  They're awaiting dinner on a cruise ship and are seated across from the best of company.  They couldn't stop smiling if they tried! 

Don't you love those people who volunteer to take a picture of the entire group at the table!!!

Here's one of them.  He threw in a big smile to boot!!  Gotta love it.

And there's always a view.  I like the sun coming through the clouds to light up the mountainside.

My appetizer.  I enjoyed dinner in the dining rooms.  I like getting small portions of food served in courses.  I don't like huge platefuls of food staring up at me.  Ya know?

Put that camera down and just EAT!  

I don't remember having chicken.
  Too many beers before dinner?
  Is one too many?

Lon's and Alice's desserts.  Why didn't I order that?  

Actually, this was plenty for me.  Ice cream and whatever you call that triangular thing.  A cookie?  I should have paid more attention to the descriptions on the menu.  Unfortunately, I doubt I'd remember anyway.

You can have a bite.  Go for it!!!


Stephanie said...

Love all the pictures!

Cap Chastain said...

OH MY GOODNESS .. did you write that Lenny and David had done something in the neighborhood of one-hundred-and-thirty (130) cruises. The two-of-them do not look like 400-pounders ! IF I had done that many cruises that is how much I would weigh. Food (appetizers) and Food (entrees) and Food (desserts) .. YOU wrote .. stop taking photos and EAT ! OH MY .. One-great-photo with Lon .. I mean one-great-photo ! .. you need to thank the photographer who snapped it.

Smiles from Cap and Patti ..

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

STEPH AND CAP AND PATTI: Thank you for writing your thoughts. I love it.