Monday, June 16, 2014

Alaska Journal #4: Our Stateroom & First Verandah Views

When we were informed that our staterooms were ready for us, we made our way to Deck 9.  Our room is the first you see on the left; Lynnette and Alice's was the next one down the hall.

Looking to the left facing our stateroom door, you can see the hallway going toward the front of the ship.  We would go to the left to get to the elevator and stairway taking up to other decks.

Our suitcases were awaiting us when we entered our room.  Of course, I had to get into them and start unpacking.  The bed proved to be very comfortable with 3 pillows for each of us, soft, medium and hard.  I loved to turn the pillows so we were facing the balcony for the view of scenery passing by as we drank our coffee in the early morning. 

I adopted this area for putting on makeup.  The two sided lighted mirror was awesome.  I found the hairdryer (on the left) in one of the drawers in this area.  Notice the hanging monkey crafted with towels.  A class was offered during the cruise that taught how to fold the towels into moose, walrus and many other animal likenesses.  
A large sofa and table allowed us to spread our things out.  Oops, sorry Lon.  Yes, we occasionally took an afternoon nap because 24 hour sunlight made it somewhat difficult to sleep at night.

As you can see, we had all the room and conveniences we needed.  

The shower was normal size (or close to it) with plenty of water pressure, shampoo, conditioner and body wash. 

It may seem silly to post this particular photo but if I'd never been on a cruise I'd want to see it all.  I'm glad I'm short because the commode was low.

There was room for everything we had including our pills.  Dang, who'd have ever thought we'd need medication?  Hey, there's me with my camera visible between the wall shelves.  Me and my cameras never were apart.

That's the door to the hallway with instructions on getting to a lifeboat should the need arise.  I didn't like seeing them but would have been thankful if we'd needed to use them.

And here's one of two good-sized closets, one which had a safe for valuables.  (Jared laughed at me for taking a picture of closet doors.  Gosh, I want to remember EVERYTHING).

Sorry again, Lon.  My tour of our stateroom wouldn't be complete without this photo of our sleeping area.  I really shouldn't post this photo since it's not very flattering of my better half and I'd kill him if he did that to me.  Dang, he just walked past me and saw this photo.  He said "don't put that one on there."  I twisted his arm and pleaded with him and he said go ahead then, if you have to.  Ain't he sweet?

Did I mention that it's our 45th wedding anniversary this month?  He deserves the medal for making it work, not me.   

I told you Lynnette and Alice's stateroom was right next to ours. so of course her balcony was adjacent to ours.

"Hey, Lynnette.  Does it get any better than this?"  You have to know her answer!!

If it wasn't for my second cousin, Lynnette and Alice, we wouldn't have had any of these experiences.  God bless them.  Lynnette and I have been close since we were very young kids.  She was born in Beloit, then Mount Prospect, IL, then Peoria, IL, then Princeton, IN and finally Ohio.  Her father got started with McDonald's restaurants in Mount Prospect and the rest is history.  Her parents own the condo we enjoy in Siesta Key, FL.  Awesome people!!    

The next photos are taken from the verandah, shortly after we let loose of the dock.  In other words, these are the sights in Vancouver, B.C.

Look at those peaks!  Snow and all!!  Gotta be impressed when you're right there and they're right there!

This looks more like the state of Maine's sights, but no, this is along the Canadian coastline.

I leave you today with this view of the coastline.  Not bad for starters, huh?

I promise you:  you ain't seen nothin' yet. 


Gullible said...

After all that beer, I would have slept for a week. Nice stateroom. Mine was similar, but the bed was by the window. No balcony.

Cap Chastain said...

Is that a red-in-color Nikon Coolpix along the left edge of the mirror in photo number 9 down from the top? Had you not mentioned your hands and the camera no one would ever have noticed. I can not quite grasp the Royal accomodations .. the luxury of it all. To really get into the mid-night sun you need to be above the Arctic Circle. When in Denali you HAD TO NOTICE the difference there as opposed even to Seward. NOPE .. Vancouver doesn't make the mid-night sun league. Smiles .. Cap and Patti .. I am HAPPY I got onto this (your trip) when I have .. IF one goes too long you miss totally the rhythm of it all because you have too-much-to-catching-up-to. I have read all six posts today six and now am WITH-YOU!

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

CAP: You're right about my Nikon camera. Gotta have a spare, right?

The ship accommodations were amazing, although, I wasn't impressed with some of the glitz and glamour. I'm a fan of more rustic decor such as we had at the resort we stayed at near Denali National Park. I'm not complaining, just saying.

I'm so glad that you are WITH ME!

Annie said...

Nice stateroom!!! How awesome that you had a balcony!
But how hard did you twist Lon's arm? LOL!!!
Love your pictures!!! I see why you took sooooo mannnyyy!!!

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

ANNIE: Fortunately, I didn't have to twist Lon's arm at all. He was fine with anything I planned. That's to make up for all the trips to Lake Vermilion I went on mainly for him and Jared to fish. It's all good!!!