Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Alaska Journal #28: Beauty In Raindrops & Blurry Images

We're on our last leg in the motorcoach trip from Seward to Denali National Park.

My Sony camera battery was running low so I began taking pictures with my Nikon.  At first glance as I went through the photos I had taken for this blog post, I only came up with about 20 photos that I liked.  Fortunately, I went back through them and decided that the pictures with raindrops on the glass and blurry images had a beauty all their own.  I hope you'll agree.
This looks like a painting to me rather than a photograph.  Amazing.

There's something kind of intriguing here...and I was ashamed of this photo initially.  I thought it was no good.  Or maybe it is no good and I'm nuts?

The beauty in motion.


A fuzzy painting.

Highway insanity.

Igloo City, a planned hotel located in Cantwell, Alaska, along the George Parks Highway is now a mere roadside attraction, drawing vandals and those interested in this bit of development folly.

Construction on this architectural monstrosity began and ended in the 1970s, abandoned because the developers failed to follow the building codes.

The blur of trees in a hurry.

That's me on top of the ridge.  My legs were getting stiff during our long motorcoach trip so I did a bit of jogging.


Do you like?

Beautifully dreary.

Soft, warm & fuzzy.  

...! ! !...


Thank you rainy, cloudy day.

Our destination near Denali National Park.  We stayed two nights here at McKinley Chalet Resort. 

We had a nice dinner that we ordered from a table with a view outside but moved inside to eat.  I didn't take pictures of our fun evening (what a slacker!!) but did bring this bottle back to our room.  Pike Kilt Lifter Ruby Ale.  OK!! 


Cap Chastain said...

It is NICE that you actually experienced what we in Alaska KNOW .. it rains a lot. The rain is what keeps things green. Tourists come up here and hit a few bright and sunny days and go home thinking .. rain ?? .. we never saw one drop of rain. We just came back from a full week of rain .. some few rays of sun .. and more rain. Smiles .. Cap and Patti ..

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

CAP & PATTI: I hope you had some fun in spite of the rain.

Cap Chastain said...

Fun in spite of the rain .. this comment being in response to YOUR response immediately up above this ..

Fun is a decision you make in your mind .. WE ARE GOING TO HAVE FUN !!! .. WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A NICE DAY !!! .. IT IS 100% ATTITUDE ..

Smiles .. Cap and Patti ..

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

CAP & PATTI: Good for both of you. Attitude is everything, for sure!!!

I'm having fun today!!! I'm having fun today!!! See...even on a day I have to work at the dental office I can enjoy myself!!

Gullible said...

If you let weather rule your fun, you'll never have any. Fun, that is. Some of those blurry photos are very artsy.