Friday, August 29, 2014

Beer Journal #9: My Beer Glass Order Arrived Today

I was thrilled to receive this box from the mailman this afternoon.

I discovered four objects suffocating in shrink wrap and bound together with heavy tape. I came to their rescue, removing the wrapping and allowing them room to breathe. Yay, the objects were my beer glasses.

I washed one of the glasses and poured what was left of my bottle of KINK beer (the beverage I was enjoying when the box arrived) along the inside surface of the glass. I didn't get a head on the beer; perhaps I need practice pouring.  

I unwrapped the remaining four glasses, washed them by hand and here they are in all their glory. Looks like someone turned my beer into wine. Didn't Jesus do something similar? It does look like wine doesn't it? Trust me, it's beer.

I will leave you with the assurance that I will NEVER put these glasses in the dishwasher. I read in a comment on a beer glass website that dishwasher detergent often remains on glasses and can kill the head on beer and taint the flavor. I can't have that!



Jackie said...

Your posts are fun to read. I could feel the anticipation you had while opening the package. The glasses are beautiful, too. I had not head that about beer glasses in dish washers. I learn something everyday from your posts!

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

JACKIE: It's a shame you don't like beer. Or maybe not. :)