Sunday, September 7, 2014

Beer Journal #13: Minhas Brewery in Monroe, Wisconsin

We visited Minhas Craft Brewery yesterday afternoon. What's a beer hobby without a visit to a brewery?

It was such a beautiful, sunny, autumn-like day, I twisted my husband's arm and we headed to Monroe.

This is the entrance to the store, tasting room, lounge, museum and tours.  

A brother and sister, the Minhas, are the present owners.

The museum has three rooms interspersed with the gift shop, tasting room and lounge.

This is only a small section of the gift shop. Next year when we plan to return, I'll take photos of the other gift shop areas. Much of this was  constructed and opened in June of this year.

From the gift shop, we entered the tasting room.

Sample beers are dispensed here.

The ten-dollar tour fee included one free sample beer of your choice before the tour, free samples for 30 minutes after the tour, and a six-pack of assorted beers and a beer glass to take home.

This photo was taken to the right of the previous one, in the same bar area.

Lon got us a couple bags of popcorn to have with our sample beers before the tour.  I had the Lazy Mutt Farmhouse Ale and gave it a YES YES rating. Lon had Huber Premium and liked his as well. 

I took this a few feet back from the sample dispensing counter.

We moved on to the Lazy Mutt Lounge which is adjacent to the sampling room. We waited in here for the tour to begin at 3:00.

I took pictures in all 3 Museum Rooms and nobody said a word to me.  I noticed a sign on our way to the tour that requested no photos be taken of the museum or during the tour. Oops!

I want to be obedient, but come on. Help me out by looking only at my husband and not at all the cool signs on the walls in Museum Room 3. (Hey! You aren't listening to me!) Why is it so much fun to be naughty?

The museum celebrates all beers, not just those that were and are brewed at this location.

Please only look at me and the ale I'm pointing to, Wicked Ale.

Now you know why I simply "had" to break the rules.

I took several pictures throughout the three museum rooms but I won't share them here.  I'm patting myself on the back for being 95% obedient.

Off I go to reward myself for trying to be good with a cold one! 


angela montero said...

So happy you guys went! Looks like you had fun:)

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

ANGELA: Thanks. We sure did enjoy our time there!! I'll share my stash with you.