Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Lake Vermilion: Back From A Good Fishing Afternoon

I met Lon and Jared as they came to the dock.

They haven't had much luck catching fish since we arrived so I was afraid to ask how their afternoon had gone.

No one was offering any fishing news so I finally had to ask.

I got good news.

Jared had caught a 38 inch northern and between Jared and Lon they had caught 15 walleyes and 1 jumbo perch. Since they practice "catch and release," I don't have anything to show you.

Lon took a picture of Jared's 38 inch northern on his camera so I saw it, but I don't have a way of downloading it to my computer. Darn!
They were both happy with the afternoon's catch.

We fixed and ate dinner here at our cabin and now Lon and Jared are out on the lake again. They'll be musky fishing again this evening. 


angela montero said...

burrrr they look cold.. Looks like their wearing winter coats? Looks so pretty there. Nice picture's.

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

Hi Angela. It does get cold up here especially out on the water when the boat is on the move. I haven't even been on the boat. I'm quite the wimp unless it's nice and toasty weather with the sun shining nonstop!