Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lake Vermilion: Going Fishing With Steve, The Guide

Jared's going musky fishing.

He's taking a couple of his poles to the guide's boat.

Steve, the guide.

Jared's got his game face on.

Steve again.

The temperature is nice for late afternoon fishing.

Steve's ready.

I reckon they'll have power to spare.

Of course Lon is going too.

He couldn't be happier!

Ready to do some musky fishing?????

Get ready...

...get set...

...and away they GO!

The boat boys are ready for the changing of the guard, Jeff goes home, the young guy takes over.

Our home for a few days. It is bigger than it looks. 

Preston is one of over 40 places that Spring Bay Resort owns.

Our first full day here has been a winner. Hopefully, the musky fishing pays off too.

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