Saturday, October 18, 2014

Beer Journal #25: Let's Take a Look at 5 Beers Including Trout Slayer, All Day IPA, Biere de Seigle and Pastoral

All Day IPA
(Unfortunately the frog doesn't come with the beer).
Session Ale
(A session ale is any beer that contains no higher than 5% ABV, featuring a balance between malt and hop characters which creates a beer with high drinkability. The purpose of a session beer is to allow a beer drinker to have multiple beers within a reasonable time period or session without getting drunk).

 Founders Brewing CompanyGrand Rapids, MI

4.7% alc/vol

I give this beer a Yes Yes rating. I liked it and learned what a session ale is by googling it in the process of posting this here.

In other words, drinking beer makes you smart!!

Biere de Seigle
An authentic rye farmhouse ale
Door County Brewing Company
(brewed and bottled by
Sand Creek Brewing Company
Black River Falls, WI)

I love the label fun scattered here and there:
"Vive la Port des Morts!"
"A tour de force"
"You are thristy, non?" (spelled that way)
"Oh la la! A biere au naturel!"

No alc/vol number on label

I gave this beer a So So rating. It was quite strong.

Trout Slayer
Wheat Ale
Big Sky Brewing Co.
Missoula, Montana

No clever wording on the label, although the picture of the trout fishermen is sweet nice and colorful.

5.0% alc/vol

I tossed a So So rating to this beer.

Farmhouse Ale
Door County Brewing Company
(brewed and bottled by
Sand Creek Brewing Co.
Black River Falls, WI)

Label info:
Of The Land
For The People!

A alc/vol is not on the label.

I wasn't thrilled so I gave this a So So rating.

Bayside Blonde Ale
Door County
Egg Harbor

No label cleverness although the picture of the captain is fine and dandy.

I found no alc/vol statistics. Perhaps, it's sometimes better not to know.

I bestowed a Yes Yes to Bayside Blond Ale. And yes, blondes do have their share of fun!

I feel compelled to award:

Biere de Seigle with the most entertaining label.
Trout Slayer with the most beautiful label.
Pastoral for honoring the hard working farmer.

(I hope you've enjoyed your visit).

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