Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Beer Journal #27: My Growing List of Beers Consumed Since I Began My Quest

I have a ritual when I have a beer. After I select a beer from the refrigerator (my selection always includes several single bottles of beers I've never drank). I record the name of the beer on my computer beer list. Next, I take a picture of the beer bottle. Then I pour the beer into a glass (a Teku glass) and photograph the empty bottle and the glass. I also write the name of the beer on my calender on the date I drink it.

When the bottle is dry, I apply a sheet of Label Lift to the bottle label, take the label off, write the date and my rating on the back of the label. I put the label on a shelf until I accumulate enough to create a beer journal blog post. After they've made their appearance on my blog, I put the labels in my album.

You're right. It's a challenge to find time to actually drink the damn beer!!!!

If we dine at a restaurant that doesn't have a bottled beer available that I've not tried, I drink water. Then, when I get home, I have a never-tried beer; several are always chilling in my refrigerator.

Call me crazy and I'll reply "Thank you."

P.S. I don't expect you to read the list, just to see how long it is. 

Beers I've drank:

Abita Turbodog
Abita Amber
Against The Grain (Wold Top Brewery)
Alaskan Alt Style Ale
Alaskan Amber
Alaskan APA
Alaskan Freeride
Alaskan Hop O Thermia Double IPA
Alaskan Icy Bay IPA
Alaskan IPA
Alaskan Stout
Alaskan Summer
Alaskan White
All Day IPA (Founders Brewing Co.)
Amber Ale (Bell's Brewery)
Ambergeddon (Ale Asylum)
Amstel Light
Amstel Radler
Angry Orchard Hard Cider
Angry Orchard Traditional Dry Cider
Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Cider
Avalanche Amber Style Ale

Baaad Boy (3 Sheeps Brewing Co.)
Batch 19 Pre-Prohibition Style Lager (Coors Archive Brewing)
Bayside Blonde Ale (Shipwrecked)
Bedlam! (Ale Asylum)
Beck's Sapphire
Berghoff Germaniac Alberbier Kotbusser Style Pale Ale (Berghoff Brewery, Inc.)
Berghoff Original Lager (The Joseph Huber Brewing Co.)
Berghoff Reppin' Red Ale
Berghoff Sir Dunkle Crispy Dark
Berghoff Solstice Wit
Berghoff Straight Up
Biere De Seigle (Door County Brewing Co.)
Big Sky IPA (Big Sky Brewing Co.)
Big Sweet Life (Wisconsin Brewing Co.)
Big Wave Golden Ale (Kona Brewing Co.)
Billy Bock (Minhas Brewing Co.)
Bitch Creek
Blue Moon Belgian White Wheat Ale (Blue Moon Brewing Co.)
Blue Moon Summer Honey Wheat (Blue Moon Brewing Co.)
Blue Point Long Island Toasted Lager
Boatilla Amber Ale (Big Bay Brewing Co.)
Booyah (Milwaukee Brewing Co.)
Bud Light Aluminum
Bud Light Lime
Busted Knuckle Irish Style Ale (Gray's Brewing Co., Janesville, WI)

Calypse Spiked Island (Adult Lemonade)
Capital Wisconsin Amber
Chainbreaker White IPA (Deschutes Brewery)
Cherry Wheat Ale (Shipwrecked)
Coast Radler
Commodore Perry IPA (Great Lakes Brewing Co.)
Corona Light
Crabbie's Ginger Beer (John Crabbie & Co.)

DayTime (Lagunitas Brewing Co.)
Dark Voyage (Capital Brewery)
Dortmunder Gold (Great Lakes Brewing Co.)
Dos Equix
Dos Equis Ambar
Dos Equix Azul
Drafty Window Farmhouse Ale, Hopothesis
Dream Machine IPL (Magic Hat Brewing Co.)
Drop Dead Blonde (Stevens Point Brewery)

Edmund Fitzgerald (Great Lakes Brewing Co.)
1845 Pils (Minhas Brewing Co.)
Ellie's Brown Ale
Extended Play Inda-Style Session Ale (Lakefront Brewery, Inc.)

Fire Rock Pale Ale (Kona Brewing Co.)
Fixed Gear American Red Ale
Founders Porter
400 Pound Monkey (Left hand Brewing Co.)    
Relative Madness (4 Brothers Blended Beer Brewing Co.)
Whipper Snapper (4 Brothers Blended Beer Brewing Co.)

Geneva Lake No Wake
Glacial Trail India Pale Ale (Central Waters Brewing Co.)
Good JUJU (Left Hand Brewing Co.)
Goose Island Endless IPA
Goose Island Honker's Ale (Goose Island Beer Co.)
Goose Island Ten Hills Pale Ale
Guinness Draught
Guinness Extra Stout
Guinness Foreign Extra

Harp Premium Lager (Guinness)
Hazel's Nut House
Headless Man (Tyranena Brewing Co.)
Hilbourn Hop Ale (Wisconsin Dells Brewing Co.)
Hofbrau Original
Honey Ale (Gray's Brewing Co.)
Honey Ale (Wisconsin Dells Brewing Co.)
Honey Blonde (Port Huron Brewing Co.)
Hop-A-Peel (Atwater Brewery)
Hopdinger (O'SO Brewery)
Hop Whoopin'(O'SO Brewery)
Horizon Red Ale
Huber Bock

Ice House
Imperial Jack Double IPA (Rhinelander Brewing Co. LLC)
In-Heat Wheat
Innis & Gunn Original
IPA (Shipwrecked)

Jockamo IPA (Abita Brewing Co.)

Kilbourn Hop Ale
Killian's Irish Red
Kingpin (Bridgeport Brewing Co.)
Kink (Ale Asylum Brewing Co.)

Lake Louie Pale Ale (Lake Louie Brewing, LLC)
Lazy Mutt Farmhouse Ale (Minhas Craft Brewery)
Left Hand Brewing Co. Good JuJu
Legacy Lager (Minhas Craft Brewery for Tonka Beer Co.)
Leinie's Canoe Paddler
Leinie's Creamy Dark
Leinie's Hoppin Helles
Leinie's Orange Shandy
Little Sister Witbier (Door County Brewing Co.)
Little Sumpin' (Lagunitas Brewing Co.)
Longboard Island Lager (Kona Brewing Co.)
Lucky U IPA (Breckenridge Brewing Co.)

Mad Hatter (New Holland Brewing Co.)
MadTown NutBrown
Memory Lane (O'So Brewing Co.)
Messiah Nut Brown Ale (Shmaltz Brewing Co.)
Miller 64
Mirror Pond (Deschutes Brewery)
Modelo Especial (Cerveceria Modelo Brewery)
Molson Canadian Lager
Molson Golden (
Moose Drool (Big Sky Brewing Co.)
Moosehead Lager (Moosehead Breweries Ltd., Saint John, NB, Canada)
Murphy's Red Ale (Murphy Brewery)
Mystical Jack (Rhinelander Brewing Co.)

Negra Modelo
New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale (New Belgium Brewing Co.)
New Belgium Snapshot Wheat Beer
New Belgium Trippel
New Castle Brown Ale
New Glarus Back 40 bock (New Glarus Brewing Co.)
New Glarus Blonde
New Glarus Coffee Stout
New Glarus Dancing Man
New Glarus Fat Squirrel
New Glarus Moon Man
New Glarus Spotted Cow
New Glarus Staghorn Octoberfest
New Glarus Totally Naked
New Glarus Two Women
New Glarus Yokel
Night Train (O'So Brewing Company)
Nitro Milk Stout (Left Hand Brewing Co.)
Nitro Sawtooth Ale (Left Hand Brewing Co.)
#9 (Magic Hat Brewing Co.)

Oarsman Ale (Bell's Brewing, Inc.)
Oatmeal Stout Dark (Breckenridge Brewing Co.)
Oberon Ale (Bell's Brewing, Inc.)
Oktoberfest Marzen Style (Stevens Point Brewery)
Oktoberfest (Upland Brewing Co.)
Ol' Reliable Beer (Wisconsin Brewing Co.)
Old Scratch

Pacifico Clara
Pastoral (Door County Brewing Co.)
Peroni Birra
Pike Kilt Lifter Ruby Ale
Preservation IPA (Minhas for Tonka Beer Co.)
Pumpkin Ale (Shipwrecked)

Rampant (New Belgian Brewery)
Redbridge Gluten Free Sorghum Beer
Redd's Apple Ale
Redd's Strawberry Ale
Red Stripe
Relative Madness (4 Brothers Blended Beer Co.)
Rocky's Revenge (Tyranena Brewing Co.)
Rogue Dead Guy (Oregon Brewing Co.)
Rolling Rock
Rustic Red (Wisconsin Dells Brewing Co.)
Rusty Red Ale

Sam Adam's Boston Lager (The Boston Beer Co.)
Sam Adam's Cherry Wheat
Sam Adam's Cold Snap
Sam Adam's Escape Route
Sam Adam's Irish Red
Sam Adam's Maple Pecan Porter
Sam Adam's Summer Ale
Sam Adam's White Water IPA Ale (Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Chico, CA)
Satisfaction Jacksin (Ale Asylum)
Scrimshaw (North Coast Brewing Co.)
Scurvy (Tyranena Brewing Co.)
Session IPA (Wisconsin Brewing Co.)
Shipyard Brewing Co.
Shiner Bohemian Black Lager (Spoetzl Brewery)
Shiner Kosmos
Shiner Premium Beer
Shiner Ruby Redbird
Shiner White Wing Belgian White
Shiner Wild Hare (Pale Ale)
Shock Top Belgian White
Shock Top Honey Bourbon Cask Wheat (Shock Top Brewing Co.)
Shock Top Honeycrisp Apple Wheat
Shock Top Honey Wheat
Shock Top Raspberry Wheat
Short Straw Farmhouse Red Ale (Expressionist Collection--Blue Moon Brewing Co.)
Sibling Rivalry (4 Brothers Blended Beer)
Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye IPA
60 Minute IPA (Dogfish Head Craft Brewery)
Smithwick's Premium Irish Ale
Smitten Golden Rye Ale (Bell's Brewery, Inc.)
Snake Dog (Flying Dog Brewery)
Special Lager (Stevens Point Brewery)
Sprecher Special Amber Vienna Style Lager (Sprecher Brewing Co., Inc., Glendale, WI)
Stella Artois
Stella Artois Cidre
Sunset Wheat (Leinenkugel's Brewing Co.)
Swiss Style Amber (Minhas Brewing Co.)

Tampa Bay Rollin Dirty Red Ale
Tecate Imported Mexican Beer
Tecate Light
The Big O (O'So Brewing Co.)
The Poet (New Holland Brewing Co.)
Third Shift Amber Lager (Band of Brewers Co.)
3rd Wheel (O'So Brewing Co.)
Three Beaches Honey Blond (Tyranena Brewing Co.)
312 Urban Pale Ale (Goose Island Beer Co.)
312 Urban Wheat Ale (Goose Island Beer Co.)
Thumper American IPA (Rhinelander Brewing Co.)
Trilogy 2 (Bridgeport Brewing Co.)
Trout Slayer (Big Sky Brewing Co.)
Two Hearted Ale
2XOne (Southern Tier Brewing Co.)
2X Stout (Southern Tier Brewing Co.)

Unshadowed Hefeweizen (Ale Asylum, Madison, WI)
Uptown Girl (Uptown Girl Beverage Company)


Waterslides (3 Sheeps Brewing Co.)
Wavehopper Kolsch Style Ale (Big Bay Brewing Co.)
Wheat Monkey Ale
Whipper Snapper (4 Brothers Blended Beer Co.)
White Rascal (Avery Brewing Co.)
Woodchuck Amber Hard Cider


Yuengling Lager


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Cap Chastain said...

Oh MY GOODNESS!!.. You are something!! The list of the beers that you have tasted or drinken (I guess drunk is proper for the past tense of drink) is unreal! I am amazed !! Smiles .. Cap and Patti ..