Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tuesday's Birds

I've been delinquent when it comes to posting bird photos. I broke away from my baking, making chili, doing laundry, drinking beer and posting pictures of the bottles to show you Tuesday's birds.

This is a female cardinal. 

Much brighter, the male cardinal is hard to miss against the snow.

This guy is pretty intrigued by something up yonder. Notice that he filled his mouth first.

It's a long stretch to the water in the birdbath. After taking these photos, I went outside and added water.

Sparrows, sparrows, and...

...and a whole bunch more sparrows with a couple other bird types mixed in.

I love this photo. The grass, the snow and the too cute bird (sorry I can't tell you for sure what kind it is--I'm a bit rusty on that subject).

That's a junco between two sparrows. I find it sweet that many different birds get along just fine. 

And how are you this fine November afternoon?

Here we have another shot of a junco.

Did you notice any birds today in your neck of the woods?

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Cap Chastain said...

No comments ? What on earth is wrong with this picture Shaddy ! No comments! What an outstanding Post .. what an absolutely positively outstanding Post. I feel good all over looking at it .. at the miracle of nature.

Keep up this good work .. Cap in Hong Kong ..