Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My Husband, Lon, Is In The News

Nearly 50 years ago, Lon set a record for the most free throws in a basketball game at Beloit Turner High School. Since then, no one has made more in a single game, although, two others have also made 16 free throws in one game.

I'm glad the newspaper made mention of this. It's fun to go back in time and rehash the good old days.


Cap Chastain said...

Is Lon a basketball fan today in his senior years. Did he shoot straight up one-handed or .. some did back-in-the day .. did Lon shot two-handed underhand like Rick Barry of the San Francisco Warriors did in the 1960s. WOW a fifty (50) year old record .. equaled but so far never surpassed. Was he a guard in the back court? THANKS FOR THE TIP OFF ON THIS POST. Great job. A memory tugger for sure.

Cap in Hong Kong .. look for the post card I sent to the two of you about you and Lon and Patti and myself.

Anonymous said...

How fun that Lon was in the news about a record he set 50 years ago, WOW. This makes me feel it really IS worthwhile that someone keeps track of all those statistics! Go Lon!!! Patti