Friday, December 5, 2014

Beer Journal #36: The Race for Beer on Black Friday

I have made more friends who live in Alaska. Patti (and Cap) sent me this newspaper article because they know about my beer hobby.

I live in Wisconsin and I didn't hear about Lakefront Brewery of Milwaukee's Black Friday beers until today when I got the mail.

I hope you can read this article that I photographed and posted here. If you have trouble, leave a comment and I'll type it out or you may be able to click on the photo and see a larger version.

I may have to travel to Milwaukee on Black Friday next year. I'm not a Black Friday shopper but I reckon I could drink a beer or two in the morning on the day after Thanksgiving!

Thanks again, Patti, for sending me this interesting article. I will keep it in my album with my beer bottle labels.


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