Monday, December 21, 2015

Adult Coloring As a Fun Pastime: Try It, You Might Like It.

The first five photos display an adult coloring book page that I used colored pencils to create. 

As the artist, we can choose to color in each and every detail of the page or color entire areas with one pencil.

I colored all of the remaining pages with colored markers.

This is one type I'm using.

I also am using these metallic markers.

The metallic markers are interesting to use. 

In the right lighting, the metallic colors are pretty.

The creative possibilities are infinite. I could have filled in every flower petal and leaf but I chose to outline and shade instead.

The metallic markers are opaque thus the intricacy of the drawing is often blocked out by the color used.

I used the metallic markers on this page.

Metallic markers worked well on these flowers and hummingbird.

If this sounds like fun to you, don't be embarrassed to be doing what initially appears to be childish. 

Maybe it is; so what!

Siesta Key Journal #5: My Christmas Haiku Verses

I wrote these haiku verses today:

Christmas is Christmas
No matter where we may be.
'Tis Christ we honor.

In snow or in sand
We are secure in knowing
Christ's birth is at hand.

Voices sing, bells ring
In celebration we turn
With thanks for God's gift.

Hope in a manger
God's promise humbly bestowed.
We bow, we kneel down.

In weakness we come
To accept the greatest joy,
With Jesus we're strong.