Friday, January 2, 2015

Beer Journal #40: Snowdrift Vanilla Porter, Shockolate Wheat, Envy IPA, Accumulation White IPA, Cranberry Ginger Shandy & More

Best Brown Ale
Bell's Brewery, Inc.
Comstock, MI

I consumed this beer on 12/27/14 and gave it a Yes Yes rating.

Alc. 5.8% by Vol.
Pkgd 9/04/14

Off the label:
"Enjoy this smooth brown ale while autumn takes us on a colorful tour into winter. Thankfully, Best Brown Ale's toasty malt character makes it a delicious beer for all types of weather."

Cranberry Ginger Shandy
Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Co.
Chippewa Falls, WI  &  Milwaukee, WI

I enjoyed this beer on 12/27/14 and said Yes Yes, I like it.

4.2% ALC/VOL

Off the label:

"The pride of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin since 1867."

Packerland Pilsner
An all malt Pilsner
Green Bay Brewing Company
Green Bay, WI

On 12/28/14, I drank this beer and responded with "Yes Yes."

ALC 4.6% BY VOL.

I wonder if the markings on the bottom of the label have anything to do with the yard lines on a football field?

I also wonder about the "H" and Hinterland, but I don't wonder enough to research it. I spend too much time as it is, putting these blog posts together. Right? 

White India Pale Ale
New Belgium Brewing
Fort Collins, Co.

I got loose with this beer on 12/28/14 and shouted "Yes Yes."


Off the label:
"Flurries of Mosaic and Amarillo hops bring soft fruit and citrus flavor, followed by a layer of bitter in our seasonally suited White IPA."

The bottle back also has a label. It reads: "Partake. Post. Win. Brew. #FindaRanger and new"

Pilsner-style Lager
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
Chico, CA & Mills River, NC

On 12/29/14, I mentally journeyed back through time to last summer with this Summerfest beer. I warmed up and gave it a Yes Yes rating.

Off the label:

"Summerfest is a classic Pilsner-style lager, crisp, refreshing, and perfect for the sunny days of summer. The European and American premium malts add a slight sweetness balanced by a kick of floral and spicy whole-cone hops."
India Pale Ale
Saint Francis Brewing Co.
St. Francis, WI

I got jealous with this beer on 12/30/14. I was reluctant to give out a compliment but finally did. I declared "this is a Yes Yes beer."

The label was apparently consumed with ENVY and didn't have much to offer.

Harvest Pumpkin Ale
Seasonal Collection
Blue Moon Brewing Co.
Golden, CO

I drank this beer on 12/30/14 and handed out another Yes Yes rating.

5.7% ALC. BY VOL.

Off the label:
"We crafted this rich amber colored ale with a feast of
fall flavors like vine-ripened pumpkin, cloves, nutmeg and allspice. Then we added a touch of wheat for a smooth finish. It's the perfect complement to fall's crisp, clear days."

Shockolate Wheat
Belgian-style Wheat Ale
Shock Top Brewing Co.
St. Louis, MO

This was beer number two on New Year's Eve. It was a Yes Yes beer.


Off the label:


Specially crafted for the season.

"Belgian-style wheat ale brewed with spice, aged on cocoa and vanilla beans, and with natural flavors and artificial sweeteners. To serve, pour down side of glass until 1/2 inch is left in bottle. Swirl and pour remaining brew to release the aroma and flavor. ENJOY!"

Cinnamon Horchata Ale
Blue Moon Brewing Co.
Golden, CO

This was the first of my New Year's Eve celebratory beers. I nodded Yes Yes between sips.

5.5% ALC. BY VOL.

Off the label:
"Ale with a subtly sweet, yet spiced taste"

"In the street markets of Mexico, our founder and head brewmaster, Keith Villa, first experienced a refreshing, creamy drink known as Horchata. Our cinnamon-spiced ale is his interpretation of this delicious Latin treat."

Snowdrift Vanilla Porter
Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Co.
Chippewa Falls, WI & Milwaukee, WI

This was my final beer of 2014. I enjoyed every drop and gave it a Yes Yes rating.

6.0% ALC/VOL

Off the label:
"The pride of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin since 1867."

"A perfect beer to celebrate the winter season. Complex malt character reveals layers of coffee and cocoa."

CHEERS to the final beer of 2014 and to all those I will discover in 2015!

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