Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Lon's 53 Inch Musky

Lon used this top water lure to catch his musky.

Next to this ruler, you can see how big the lure was.

The musky left his marks on the lure.

After catching the musky, Lon released it back into Lake Vermilion in MN.

Jared took several photographs of the musky before Lon released it.

A year ago, Lon decided to have a replica of his musky made. He placed an order with Joe Fittante Replicas at a fishing show early last year.

Lon and Jared attended the Chicago Musky Show last Friday where they met Joe, the fellow who made the replica. He brought the completed replica of Lon's 53-inch musky to the show.  

I helped Lon hang it on the wall on Saturday.

It's a beauty, isn't it!!

No matter how you look at it, it's impressive.

Congratulations, Lon, for bringing in a big one.

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Cap Chastain said...

WOW .. How on earth do they make such a good replica of a Musky? Amazing! When you wrote Lon did a catch and release and followed with the photos of the mounted fish I wondered how could he do a catch and release AND have the mounted Musky? Now I know ..

Will you watch the Packers play in Seattle this weekend .. what is with Aaron Rogers .. you think his hip is a problem and then he lights up the game.

Smiles and Joy ..