Sunday, March 1, 2015

Beer Journal #52: Lakefront Brewery, Milwaukee, WI

With Lakefront Brewery in the background, Jared and I posed (perhaps appropriately) with the Three Stooges. I love the humor that put Larry, Moe and Curly at the entrance.

As we approached the main door, I turned and saw these faces peering at me from the backsideS. I like that.   

I was pleased the minute Lon opened the main door and I saw the interior. A beer hall was off to the left and tables with plastic beer glasses, wristbands and beer tokens were set up for those who wanted to take the tour.  

After paying for the tour (only $8 each), we were directed to a counter where we could fill our plastic glasses with a variety of Lakefront Brewery tap beers by using one token apiece. Since I wouldn't get a bottle with a label for my album, rather than asking for a new-to-me brew, I opted for FUEL CAFE, a tried and true beer. 

Our tour guide was an enthusiastic young guy who informed us of the brewing process, got us all involved in some fun moments and made the experience entertaining. He made sure we had lots of "I'll drink to that" opportunities.

The mini chalet at the top of this photo was acquired by this brewery when Milwaukee County Stadium (home of the Brewers baseball team) was torn down and replaced with Miller Park. Bernie Brewer got a brand new "Chalet." Bernie's original outfield chalet from the 1980s and his larger chalet from the 1990s were purchased by Lakefront Brewery and reassembled.

Below the chalet, a portable tapper allowed us to refill our plastic beer glasses with our choice of four beers by turning in our second of four tokens. I chose an potent IPA while Lon had a wheat beer. (Jared rarely drinks beer). 

The bottling process takes place in this area. I would love to see that stage when it is running.

After the tour, we were directed upstairs to the Beer Hall. We each had two tokens left in our pockets which allowed us to get bottled beers. You know how I felt about that!!

Love it!

At this point, we had enjoyed two 6 ounce glasses of beer. I was catching my breath before drinking a little over half of both of these bottles. Normally, I won't put a label in my album without having drank all of it. This situation was an exceptions to my rule. (I didn't want to stagger out, embarrassing all of us).  

When empty, this beer bottle came home with me. 

WHITE beer is also new-to-me. In the gift shop, we traded our plastic cups for these models. Jared gave me his so we came away with a trio.

This photo of a bridge and the Milwaukee River (taken from the beer hall) disproves any assumption that the brewery is on Lake Michigan. I was a bit disappointed that we didn't have a view of the lake, yet being it was a cold day, I let it go without a trace of a tantrum.   

I just HAD to take another picture of Larry, Moe and Curly as we passed them again on our way out. A search on the internet informed me that "they used to be fermenting tanks inside the brewery, but now they've been converted into outdoor artwork."


...a last minute photo of the brewery as we walked to the truck.

We had planned to also visit the Milwaukee Brewing Company but when we arrived we found that their tours were full.

For some reason, I've been thinking that checking out breweries was a spring, summer and fall activity. I'm glad I've learned otherwise.



Cap Chastain said...

What a nice post. I do NOT miss the snow one iota. It looked like a nice time to visit as the crowd did not look to be overwhelming as I am sure it must be during the warmer months. Nice you got a bottle for a label for your collection. Smiles .. Great Job ..

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

Thank you, Cap!!!