Sunday, March 8, 2015

Beer Journal #54: Glimpses of Capital Brewery Company in Middleton, WI

We visited Capital Brewery yesterday, Saturday, March 7th.  It is in Middleton, WI, a northwest suburb of Madison. They have accommodations for outdoor seating and entertainment in the summer months besides the indoor gift shop, Bier Stube, and tours. 

We entered here.

We arrived early so we could browse in the gift shop. I'd inquired early in the week about taking home single beers and was assured they were available here.  

See that blue Supper Club sign above the shirts? It's now hanging in our bedroom.

These single bottles were too big for my liking. 

Eureka! I found 7 Capital Brewing Company beers I haven't had yet. I'd hoped for more than that but I was pleased with what I got. 

Lon is patiently waiting with our brewery souvenir glasses, our beer sampling cups, beer cap tokens and our tour brochures while I "case" the joint.

Darn. The three beers above weren't available in single bottles.

On our way to the Bier Stube (cozy bar area), we passed all these award plaques. Since the brewery was founded in 1984, they have won over 200 major domestic and international awards.

The Bier Stube has a few occupants when we get there. 

We proceeded to the bar to use some of our beer sample tokens and to wait for the 2:00 tour to begin. The area where our tour will take us is visible behind the bar.

Lon doesn't like to drink and drive unless we're in Beloit so he had a glass of water and one small sample of beer. What a guy! Since Jared wasn't with us, Lon was the designated driver.
I like this ceiling light fixture.

I had three small cups of beer at the bar. I had Eternal Flame, Maibock and Blonde Doppelbock. I carried a sample of Winter Skal with me during the tour.

Between tours, the Bier Stube filled up. In this photo, it's pretty quiet.

The tour begins.

Silliness you can only appreciate when you're drinking beer on a brewery tour.

Looking down into a vat.

The brewmaster had names of Gods and Goddesses of brewing printed on these huge holding tanks.

Interesting names, huh?

Dang, not her again. I noticed her at Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee last weekend. She was leaning against a solid object then too. Those beer samples must be too much for her. 

Could we have stumped the guide with a difficult question? No, he knew his stuff and is just making a point here.

Leaving the entrance/exit for guests to the brewery.

Cheers to a fun day at a fine brewery!

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Cap Chastain said...

Your photos are so clear and the colors just jump out! Do you use one of the photo enhancers? Just great photos. The winter snow looks almost like I sort of miss it but I don't really .. Smiles ..