Saturday, April 11, 2015

Beer Journal #59: Next Door Brewing Company, Madison, WI

Lon told me to pick a place for dinner yesterday. I glanced at my list of Wisconsin breweries and Next Door Brewing Company had a star beside it. I don't remember why I had put a star there but I made my decision based on it. I did check to see if they served food since I knew Lon would be hungry and might be unhappy if he drove all the way to Madison for beer alone. (My thoughtfulness scares me. Kidding.) 

I asked the general manager about the grain symbol. He explained that it's a "barley fork." It represents the brewery's dedication to creating beers and also using beer in its food recipes.

On the other side of these entry doors is a large room with tables for drinking and dining. Beyond that room is the bar.

I really like the brewery slogan and this map of Madison with its lakes. It's a classy addition to the main dining area.

Next Door Brewing Company has been in business since August of 2013. This photo and the two following reveal the extent of the brewing area at this time.

This is the general manager who took us into the brewing area at my request. My initial photos through the window weren't good. I appreciated that he took a few minutes to talk to us.

I also appreciate that they use local hops. 

It was early evening when we arrived so customers were beginning to trickle in.

Lon and I enjoyed the perch dinner.

Next Door Brewing Company doesn't bottle or can its beers at this time. Their beer is available on tap on location. Lon opted for the Bascom Blonde and I savored a goblet of Batch 100. Why not?

Batch 100 is a barley wine.

...a few of the tappers.

...another glimpse of the bar. We sat at a counter on this side of the bar.

I bought one of these growlers home for Peters' Lake House Bar, better known as our screen porch.

...on the wall behind the tappers. t-shirts.

A Friday evening in Madison suits me just fine.

Lon is telling me not to take a picture of him.   

What can I say?

I'll say, CHEERS!!!!!!

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